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    The Return Of Kindbud!!! 2014

    Awesome job kindbud! :watchplant: my hands are hurting just thinking about trimming all that bud. Lol
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    Prepping for outdoor

    Man cant wait to see the results!!!
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    Rosebud's 2014 new beginning

    Heck ya. :-D :aok:
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    chilli milli

    :ciao: welcome
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    Prepping for outdoor

    :watchplant: :vap-Bong_smoker:
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    Can we please talk sports now?

    Not yet but I might give it a try this year.
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    indoor seeds

    My girl scout cookie is two weeks into bud and is really stinky. A good carbon filter is recommended fer sure. :48:
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    Larry OG Hamster cut 2014

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    Can we please talk sports now?

    Football has started!!! Anybody watching?
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    Hey people!

    Welcome. :48:
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    improvised thai stick

    :aok: looking good man
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    The Return Of Kindbud!!! 2014

    Hey kindbud, wow wish I could grow some monsters like that. Looking great!!!!
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    Rosebud's 2014 new beginning

    :ciao: hey rose hope all is well.
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    My Larry OG cut full cure....

    Man, I can smell it way over here. Awesome job as always!!! :bong:
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    Anyone want to talk about quiting smokeing cigareets

    :ciao: well I am at almost 60 days without a cig. I am using lozenges 2 mg to help me. I tried welbutrin but it messed with my heart. I am almost 50. Its hard as heck but I seem to getting over the hump. Good luck to ya I know how hard it is.
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    Greenhouse Seeds Feminized Thai T5/CFL soil grow

    Nice man. :aok: :bong:
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    Hey all ! :)

    Welcome enjoy your stay. :48:
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    Hello people

    :welcome: :48: