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    Happy mistake?

    So, last year I bought a batch of feminized Inzane in the Membrane from Ethos. The first batch I ran, I missed a hermie hiding in the middle and had some pollination. Lost power and it took me too long to get it back up one time, and I was really new to this, so I THINK it was probably a matter...
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    Tips for drying extremely fat buds?

    With all the changes I've made to my process lately, I am now coming up on a completely new issue. I understand mold will be an issue if I can't get everything dried properly, but I have some tops that are about 3 inches wide and I'm wondering if I should do anything special once I pick and...
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    Can't get soil Ph dialed in

    My plants are starting to show some yellowing and other signs of Ph too high. I'm growing in Vermifire and feeding General Organics, in 5 gallon cloth pots. I tested my runoff the last 3 feedings and even going in at 6.0-6.2, my runoff is in the low 7 range. What am I doing wrong? Do I ever want...
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    Can inline fans handle 2 cooltubes at once?

    I have one 1k HPS with an Ipower cooltube hood. It's basically the hood with a glass tube down the center that keeps air flowing directly over the bulb then out the other side. I have it pulling air from outside (there is an input filter), running through the hood, then out the other side of the...
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    Anyone use rabbit manure?

    I have done a good bit of reading, and I'm pretty confident that between fresher pellets for tea and older, composted manure for a worm farm, I should be able to cover a good chunk of my nutrient needs. I'm coming to the end of my first grow and did quite a bit wrong along the way, but it still...
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    Greetings all

    Hello, and thanks for having me. Just legalized recreational where I live and as a life long smoker I figured I'd give growing a shot. Found this forum and it seems active and full of knowledgeable people, hope to pick your brains along the way and improve my very, very limited skills. Quick...