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    calling all experts!!!

    Hey y'all I was checking out my blue dreams and noticed this is on only one plant. Wondering if any of you great folks had seen this before. I hope its sharp and close enough. Thanks in advance! I have checked for mites and cannot find one.also I thought mites and the eggs can not be...
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    HSO is producing autos now.

    Bummer. Not sure I like this move. Any thoughts mpers
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    my closet!

    So I guess I will start a journal on what's in my closet. I had a larry and jack the ripper in my bud tent but I had to destroy them because of the Borg! I made the mistake of getting clones from a bud and it was bad. So I decided to start over. Lol So I am running 3 blue dreams as the first...
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    one of my larry og I grew last year!!!!

    Some porn of mine!!! Hope ya like!
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    Attitudes birthday celebration.

    Just put my order in. Anyone else??
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    nurse jackie

    Been smoking this for the past few days!!!! Awesome!
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    Larry OG, Jack the Ripper and G13 Gigabud

    Hey everyone! :ciao: I am back after a little bit of away time. Can i jump on this larry og bandwagon? Seems to me, i am going to enjoy this ride.:hubba: So while i have been gone, i have been fine tuning my grows and getting some good genetics. (thanks to the tude) last order got to me in 4...
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    questions about boxing my fan to keep it quiet

    Morning MP family :ciao: right before the crash someone posted how they boxed there fan to cut down the noise. Could you post again pleaseeeee.....its just to noisy :doh: thanks in advance...
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    Master Kush and 2 clones grow

    :ciao: Hey all.. so I decided to do a small grow in my tent tucked away in a spare room..:hubba: So inside is a Master Kush fem from seed, Nirvana auto bubble from seed, and two clones from my last buddy sparkman did the cloning and I picked two out! one is the blue matero and the other...
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    My Nirvana Auto Bubblicious

    Hey all, :ciao: Thought i would share my girl at one week! :hubba: i heard that i may have a issue with this one..soooo we shall see. i hope the picture loads correctly
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    Hey Auto a question?

    :ciao: hey everyone, got a question concerning my nirvana auto bubblelicious...i decided to grow this freebie and was wondering how yall feed it. here is what i have...i am using roots organic soil and a brand called sunshine which is peat moss, perlite and lime for ph. I also have for...