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    What I've learned in the past 12 years. aero

    .. seems I'll have to show ya. :D Going to buy a camera today, light comes on at 7pm my time. as soon as i can I'll post pictures of the setup, roots, and cloner. I wont let ya down. Good to see you again! It's been 2 years. I think you joined the site a little after me. :holysheep: Marbles...
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    Mother plants?

    tomorrow at some point
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    another tip!

    If you have a loud *** fan do or loud air pumps, hang them from a bungee cord. Anything that vibrates hang from a bungee. Or do what that other guy said and put it in a box with fire proof foam. I wish I had that option.
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    6 inch Intake and Exhaust; Is This Enough?

    Cooltube it and pipe out 6 inches :) you'll never have to worry about heat or air flow. You can also put a dimmer switch on an industrial fan :hubba: just groud it right so it doesn't scream. you'll see if you don't ground it :)
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    Whats wrong???

    .. i posted a nute lockout chart I found in my plant science book. I wonder if it's still around.
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    I got mites once. Lost a lot. Learned a lot. Don't risk it. Then after 3 months they came back. After a paint job and some bleech I didn't hear from them again.
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    Mother plants?

    After 2 months my mom yelded 24 clones and is now bigger than a 40 gallon trash can. It's living it up under 2 600's, one mh and one hps. Can't beat it with a stick.
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    Super simple and awesome results.

    Check this out. I swear I'll get a camera someday. Get a 10 gallon fish tank. Buy 4 of the plant foam things. the things florists put plants in to keep them wet. They come in bricks that oddly enough fit perfecty into a 10 gallon tank. Put 3 holes in each, side-middle-side. Put an...
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    Clone gel not required in airoponic cloning?

    90% with a simple *** setup. no nutes just tap water. 10 gallon fish tank, 4 bricks of that plant foam 3 holes on each. A huge air stone running the bottom of the tank. Fill it half way with water. Cover it if you want, but you don't have to. It's awesome man. Super cheap. No nutes!
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    Check this out. If you staple Mylar, put a small piece of duct tape where you staple and staple into that. It wont rip. No a/c get a bigger fan. It's a weed! Rock on!
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    couple of item questions from a newbie!

    Alright man. Here's what I'd change and why. Intake and exhaust. I wouldn't do that. Just have an exhaust off a cooltube. If your intake and exhaust are perfect one will pull/push more than the other. no rocks! Marbles. Rocks will bleed into your water and sometimes clog things. Marbles...
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    Buy what's called a KILL-A-WATT. You can get them through They are simply amazing. That's the only light advice I can give. Oh yeah, I find a lot better results using one 600 watt MH and a 600 HPS with flowers in a 3.5x3.5 place. I have one plant bigger than a 40 gallon...
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    Right after pop 1/4 inch root. Aero

    I didn't read ALL the other posts. But get this. After the seeds pop and you have 1/4 inch of root put the seed in a cube of rockwool. Wait till the roots break through the rockwool and put them in your pot. Don't remove the plant from the rockwool. Now you want smash your roots. Also, in your...
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    What I've learned in the past 12 years. aero

    It's been a couple years since I posted so I thought I'd slide everyone a lame update of "tricks" I've learned. 1. Use marbles as your medium, not rocks or anything else. 2. Get an airstone under the roots. 3. Grow each plant in a 20 gallon trash can. 4. Use one HPS and one MH if you...
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    glass under 500watt hd light??

    I special ordered a glass tube that's 1/2 inch thick. Glass disipates heat fast, but not fast enough if it's flat. Use a cool tube or specail order some tempered glass. Make sure there isn't any UV crap in it.
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    Sun light..

    I've got these clones that seem to be kickin ass. Is it okay if I put them in direct sun while the sun is up and under floros after the sun goes down? Is there any harm in this? I don' thave pictures, but they are big enough to put under my 600.
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    HPS for Vegging

    My HPS is 4 inches from my plants. They aren't too warm.
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    fan cut one of my upper leaves

    It's fine. Feed it to your dog.
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    What do you guys think of this? Hermie?

    I've got smaller balls than that. Get rid of it.