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    I Believe The Reflective Material is called mylar. Or something like that i cant remember exactly. Where is this avialable? I Was Hoping I Could Get Some Locally B/c I Dont Want To Use Any White Paint.
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    Lights & Lumens?

    Box Size = 3 ft. x 2 ft x 2 ft. Light = Energy Saving Compact Flouro... For The Size Of The Boxe & Just One Plant Making It To Flower Cycle How Many Lumens I Need To Be Producing. They Also Say 40 - 50 Watt Per Sq Foot. This Is The Watts Accourding To Number On Box Of Lights Not Actual...
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    Soil Help!

    I Read Into It. I Understand What The Plant Needs Basically. What Soil Or Mixes Should I Use That Supply Everything I Need While Growing In Small Cups. Any Info Is Appriciated.
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    ..First Growbox..

    I'm About To Start Making A Growbox. I Plan On Only Having One Grow Full Height. I Heard You Shouldnt Go Under 2 Ft. If Anyone Knows The Demensions I Should Do For One To Comfortably Grow Let Me Know Please. I Was Thinking 2 Foot Box. Grow The Plant About 1 Ft+. Which I Know Is Smaller Than...
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    Hola Amigos

    New To The Forum But Looks Interesting, I'm Kenny D. From Texas. :)