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    almost 2 weeks into flowering

    hey I know a lot about lst, but one thing I havent been able to put my finger on is after the plant is already flowering can I still perform lst on the branches or will that mess the plant up and not send nutes to the "colas" or buds/flowers
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    2nd grow

    So its my second grow now, and Im waiting to transplant these babies into some nice sized pots. I know I should transplant them right now, but I'm REALLY trying to wait for xmas, when I get my new lights and peralite from the good ol' pops. Hopefully xmas day, I can set everything up and keep...
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    identifying males

    haha I looked through my OOOOOLLLLLDDDDD pics, of my first grow..and relized I might have some pics that are usefull to SOMEONE on the forums at some later point, and figured I might as well post them now.
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    enough!?! that kit comes with a 400watt hps light is that kit good or what, because I dont want to go with soil on this grow
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    transplant didnt go well i gues...

    ill make this short what are some quick signs that a plant is in shock from a shitty transplant...? :(
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    so like, just recently my plants started really really reaking. I've been outta town and came home to it like this, and it kinda is hard for me to breathe, is it just my head? or should i not be sleeping in the same room??
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    so i left for a little bit

    left everything on timers, and came back to a plesant surprise! enjoy oh yeah and when i left they looked like this
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    hmm more time?

    i have no clue when its time to harvest these little turds take a look and guess for me any advice, hints, and tips will help too
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    Oh My God I Knew It!

    Um, the first hurricane of the season is coming pretty much, and i might lose power, what am i susposed to do for my plants gettin enough light and stuff? Do you think they will be fine for a couple days or what?
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    it seems whenever i pick a little bud off just to "test" (uehuheuh, impatient stoner :o) that the bud never really gets to the "red hair" point, even if im waiting a week, is that normal? or am i just not waiting long enough? or should i just seriously wait and then harvest once they turn red ON...
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    ahhh ha!

    so i finally decided to bring my other plant inside and wow, its already grown nicer looking buds, and started to smell a little different...
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    Lava Lamps?

    okay so someone was telling me that the lights below lava lamps are HPS lights? and are capable of growing small amounts of plants...have you guys heard of this before, is this correct? or was i misinformed
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    Is 270watts in lighting too much for one plant in a closet being grown inside?
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    any random info i.e. "hey dont use these lights" hit me up, because im changing my outdoor "setup" to indoor and any help on lights will help thanks
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    Quick Question

    Ive been growing my plants outdoors for a while now and they're doing fine. I was just wondering, would it hrut them to bring them inside once I change to an indoor setup? And where can I purchase setups from?
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    first timer

    umm, not only is this my first post, but its the first plant I've ever grown if you want more pics to rip into me even more (cause I've seen what you all have) just ask and i'll load them up