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    leaving tap/city water out for 2days

    I have a few plots growing out side and buy distilled water is out of my budget. Would it be SAFE to use tap/city water for my plants if i let it sit out for a few days? thanks, happy growing
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    New born baby pictures.

    I'm pretty excited these babes popped up over the weekend, they work hard. How do they look>? WW 1 WW2 WW3
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    starting seedlings ebb and flow Q.

    My seeds have cracked (3 out of 4). I have them in 4 inch rockwool cubes. I made sure the cubes were moist by pouring distilled water over them. THey are sitting in the ebb and flow ready to go, but I have a question first before I add my nutes and turn the pump on. 1. Should I use just water...
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    Ideal humidity for females.

    I was reading the sticky about uping the female ratio. Now, from what I read, 70% humidity is the best...sounds kinda high to me. Does anyone have an confident figure for the ideal humidity levels?
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    Sicnarf GrOw

    The ebb and flow unit itself measures 30inches long x 14inches Wide x 17inches High. The actual flooding tray is 7inches deep. The tray has eight 5" white square pots for the growing. Each square is 7inches deep. My grow set up : 47" Long x 20" deep x 72" inches High Note: it's a cabinet I...
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    question about my exhaust fan

    I just bought a Hydrofarm ActiveAIr Blower. It's 180 CFM (it exhaust 800 cubic feet in 4.5 mins.) specs: 1/33 HP, 1PH, 120 v, 60Hz, 1.1 A Does anyone know how many watts this is sucking up?
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    6th week flowering hermi

    Hey, as many of you know I'm growing a hermi right now in soil. I'm pretty disgusted with it. It's budding nice and has many tips (25) but there more male parts than anything. So much pollen all over too. Is it worth saving. (i got a ebb and flow hydro system coming and some WW)
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    Just bought Microgarden 14x30 Ebb&Flow 8-Plant I just bought this and I wonder if I made the right puchase. Is this a good system? Anyone ever use it? Stoney, what do you think man? (I bought it for 139 usd)
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    Just ordered seeds!

    I just bought some seeds online at govermentcanttouchthis.commm hehe (I can't tell you the site) But I ordered 10 white widow and the company is going to toss in 10 free seeds as part of their winter special. Now, I read a lot in these forums that the freebies are usally random strains of mj...
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    egg cartons

    I was just thinking about using a bunch of egg cartons to line the inside of my grow cabinet. This would act as an insulator and sound barrier. I could hang mylar over the cartons for light reflection. Anyone ever try this? discus
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    bubble system vs. others

    I was reading up on bubble systems. Are they as efficent as, let say, ebb and flow? Or are they not as good drip sytems. Any clarifications on this bubble sytem and how it matches up to other hyrdoponic sytems would be intense!
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    cool cabinet for stealth grows

    It's 48W"x24D"x78H" You could easily put a hydro unit in there and enough room to hang two grow lights (1-8 plants) Cut sq. holes at the top and bottom to add exhaust/fan. Any comments or ideas...I'm currently planning a project similar but I'm buying a cheaper cabinet--same quality though J I...
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    33rd day of Flwer. and 5 concerns ><!

    <SPAN style="COLOR: black">-soil (miracle grow)-250wHPS- 10-50-10 plant food- 5gal pot-
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    what is bag seed?

    <FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #edf2f2"> Let's face it, in my neck of the woods it's either called kind bud (chron, hydro, dank and all the other nice words for good bud) or shit "bag weed" type of smoke usually called "middies" What is this typical, universal and almost mythical strain that we...
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    27th day of flowering....

    <SPAN style="COLOR: black">I’m using crappy miracle grow soil and some super bloom plant food for an mj plant out of bag seed. 10-51-10. I was using flors up until a week ago (12,000 lumen count total). Now I got my 250watt hps on her. It's been on this plant for a week and still the bud...
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    switching to 250w HPS

    Sup guys and gals. I'm currently on my 21st day of flowering using floros. My 250w hps just arrrived and I was wondering if it would be worth it to switch to the HPS in the middle of flowering. Will my yeild be way higher or in different because of the stage of flowering already? thanks--
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    my first grow...hermi 12th day of flowering

    Hey, with these pics you can notice balls and some hairs. NO good. First grow using 12,200 lumens of floros and soil (mirical grow) dispite the male presense, how does it look?
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    my plant turned hermi :(

    It has little male balls and hairs. Is it worth growing?
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    Hello the site and the memebers. Learned pounds of information on growing marijuana in a short time...I still have questions and still a newb but can get by on my own now. see ya in the forums