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    6 week flowering white widdows.

    Here is an update on my ww gorw. They are in week 6 of flowering. The're 5 girls in an aero 6 under a 1000w hps light 12/12 cycle.
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    Just cut off shoots???

    My plants are in there first week of flower and are about 3' each. I got high and cut off all the shoots leaving only single leaves thinking it would make one large bud on each plant. Was i not supposed to do that?? Is it gonna kill em' or make my yield and quality suffer?? Thanks.
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    Strains im considering, help me out.

    I'm about to get these strains and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them? Also are they gonna each be completely different, or are they similar in the high? I've read the details different places but i just wanted yalls input. I'm gonna grow in a bloombox sog style. Are these easy...
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    Is a legitimate place to get seeds from? Are they having there stuff confiscated? Anyone bought from them? Thanks
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    equalizer question

    Does anyone use these or know anything about them? I heard that they will save you a bunch on electricity and reduce electric usage red flags. What's the percentage of savings. Is this considered stealing power? thanks
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    Ultimate security measures

    Let's hear some of your best ideas in the area of security. surveilance, battery acid, bars on windows, infared sensors, etc.
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    most expensive bud

    What is the most expensive bud and how much is it? Just wondered.
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    empty res

    When your plants drink all the water out of the res. before scheduled feedings, or even just enough to make pump start acting funny, what do you do? Are you supposed to drain it all out and replace with fresh everything or just add water? thanks
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    Classifieds sction

    Maybe a place for people to buy, sell, and trade equipment would be a good idea.
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    Cloning in rockwool

    If i put Cuttings into rockwool, on a propogation tray, under flour.s, with a humidome? Would it work? I am wanting to take cuttings but i don't want to get a clone machine yet. Also can you get a new mom from clones or will this affect the potency or anything? Thanks
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    When and how to choose mom

    I am wanting to get clones off my best plant. But i am not sure how you determine which is best, do you just have to wait and smoke it or are there signs that one is going to be more potent than others. I already know the basic techniques of cloning i was just wondering on how to pick out a...
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    fogger better than sprayer?

    I'm running an aero 6 and i've stilll got the stock sprayers and 85gph pump. I saw an ad for a nutramist fogger and it seems like it would be beneficial to my plants to upgrade to it. Does anyone know about foggers like if they actually improve things or are easier or anything like that. Also...
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    $300 seeds

    What's the deal with these $300 seeds??? Are they worth it or just hype? Mr. "Nice Guy" is $309 for 15 seeds! Anyone have any experience with these or even the $200 varietys? Seems kinda steep when you consider they come off the less than desireable males. just curious to see if they were...
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    penalty for growing?

    Does anyone know what the penalty for growing like under 10 plants for personal use is? Is it true they take your house, cars, etc.? i live in U.S southeast thanks
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    venting exhaust fans help!

    What is the right way to vent an exhaust fan from a 1000w grow light? I've read that you should vent it into your basement to foil thermo imaging. But if i did it that way i would have to cut holes down two stories, and it doesnt seem practical. I guess if this is the only way to go security...
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    my 3 week old ww's

    They are all white widow and are 3 weeks into veg.. I got the seeds from buy dutch seeds. This is my first grow.
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    anyone using bloombox?

    Does anyone have any experience with bloombox or producer? These things look really cool. But with a $3,500 price tag i thought i had better get some input. thanks