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    Curing (Question)

    Okay , when curing what do I do...Can I stick the stuff in a bad and put it in a dark closet? or should I put it in a air tight glass jar and set it in the sun for a week? Im not really sure...It's not time for me to pick but I just like to know stuff in advance. thanks! Dav941
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    slug/catepilar (NEED HELP BAD)

    I read the thing below but idk if this is the same thing...My leaves are starting to get a little gray on the ends and there are burn holes and the bottom leaves that are only 1 leave are dieing...I found a little gray slug/catepilar that is probablyno longer than the length of ur pinky nail...I...
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    Legal Amount

    Whats the "Legal amount" of weed ur aloud to have in each state?
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    Do I make good brownies?..
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    Trimming your Plant

    Okay , so ya , my plant is growing like stait up , but I want this bish Bushy so how do I trim this thing? Im so afraid to screw it up and Ill cry. lol so ya if anyone could help that'd be great. David
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    Hello Everyone

    Well ya , I wasnt really expecting to get into this shit but...I gues im here now because I thought my plants died and I found out they grew like a fricken bamboo tree. but ya Im David and ill be rollin around the forum so HI
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    Outdoor Spacing

    Okay my two plants are like 5 or 6 inches from eachother is this okay? Their 2ft. David
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    Outdoor question

    One of my leaves has a brown spot , so I went and bought Safer Brand 3in1 garden spray. "Some plants are susceptible to injury from sulfur under certain climatic conditions." "It also says "Do not apply when plants are full sun or when tempurature exceeds over 90 degrees F" Is this spray okay...