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    Pineapple Express.

    Hello. I live in Ohio and was wondering if anyone is growing Pineapple Express. I am growing it outdoors and was wondering if it has enough time to finish ? Any info would be appreciated.
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    What could this be?

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    Getting some pollen.

    Hello everyone. Ohio here. I have a question on a male plant that I have. It just started showing it's sex and I know it's a male. What I want to do is get some pollen from it and pollenate a few buds from my female Girl Scout Cookie. Can I just cut it down to a single branch to get some pollen...
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    Flowering question.

    I am almost 3 weeks into flowering and I was wondering if trimming the big leaves will help get bigger bud? I don't have any experience in it and have always left my leaves on until they were yellowing good. Thanks for any imput you can give me.
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    Just a question.

    Hello, I have 3 plants 2 weeks into flowering. My clones aren't looking good. I think I kept the rockwool too wet. Anyway, they should be done in May sometime. My question is should I try to get more clones or should I try to rejuvenate what's left after I harvest and then break up the rootball...
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    SNS 209 question.

    Hello, since my spider mite experience I've started to use SNS209. The directions on my bottle says to mix 2ml 209 to 1000ml of water. It says it should have a brownish color and foam on the top when mixed well. It just doesn't seem right to me. I was just wondering how every one else who uses...
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    Spider Mites on budding plants?

    I'm 6 weeks into Flowering some Silver Haze and Mr. Nice-G13 and I have a big mite problem. I'm currently using azamax but I don't know if I have enough time. My question is this, do the mites just eat the leaves or will they go into the bud also? The buds are looking good but all my leaves have...
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    PH question?

    Hello. I'm just getting back into hydro after quite awhile and have a question on PH. How ofton does everybody have to adjust their PH? My water is high PH (6.7) and I like to keep it as close to 5.8 as I can but it seems I have to PH down it every other day or so. I was just wondering what...
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    Feminised Seeds?

    I've been reading about how feminised seeds are troublesome to grow. Does anyone have any info on this subject? Thanks.
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    How often to feed?

    I'm setting up my hydro system and was wondering how often to feed my plants? Any info would be appreciated.
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    Mother or clone question.

    I'm just starting to get back into the indoor cultivation after a 5 year layoff. My question is, what is the best way to go, having a mother plant or just keep cloning? When I did it before I never kept a mother plant. I was just interested in different opinions as to how people are doing it...
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    Hello from Ohio.

    Hello all. I used to grow about 10 years ago but stopped. Now I'm getting back into it. I'm just looking for info on all aspects of growing. I want to go hydro. So I will be posting alot and picking your brains. Thanks.