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  1. Darth BongWongDong

    Educate yourself before you grow

    I read the same problems over and over again, when there is enough info in these forumns to answer all your questions. Why keep postin the same questions with over nuted, acidic, or light burns? A digital ph tester, use half nutes, lights one to two feet to 6.0 - 6.2. If you can...
  2. Darth BongWongDong

    Cloning and and progress

    The clones will rise! I found (Massproducer's) thread extremely useful in the art of cloning. Please refer to his thread on cloning for instructions cost...... 130 Rhodian credits Only difference is....... I used a submergable...
  3. Darth BongWongDong

    Northern Lights, Kush

    I have one female Northern light. The growth pattern is short, maybe half inch between nodes. I have cloned this and will re veg her over summer for fall. I also have a kush, the rest are B.C Budd Bag seed. The only interesting subject so far is this Northern Light. Two weeks into flower.
  4. Darth BongWongDong

    Bud Pic Of Month July

    TOP 2 Juicyfruit X Champagne....Bottom 1 Skunkerry.......
  5. Darth BongWongDong

    Clone Wars

    Couch them.....COUCH THEM ALLLLLLL!
  6. Darth BongWongDong

    Skunkberry and sithclones

    4 skunkberry germed and just put into pots, so no picture of them as of yet. here are my sith clones. The two yellow looking ones were perhaps dying, they were weaklings, so I fed them to the Bantha's, the rest are fine and have new growth all over. 7 of 9 works for me......muhahaha
  7. Darth BongWongDong

    Re Vegg Lady after Harvest

    I had one Lady that gave great big juicy fat colas and decided to clone her. First......I left a few small popcorn colas, then put back into vegg nuted and just over two weeks later, there are a bunch of tiny sights all over colas showing new growth.
  8. Darth BongWongDong

    Plants too tall?

    There is a liquid out there (Dr. Node's)that will instantly retard the plant from growing upwards (24 hrs) and will show you popcorn budds instantly. It will grow sideways, but no longer upwards, except for your main budd of course. It is extremely expensive. 40 dollars=250 ml, a 5 ml per...
  9. Darth BongWongDong

    question on harvest

    when first signs of slightly red hairs appear, it is two weeks past that for couch slammer? My trichs are very light amber, just passed the milky stage, yet only a few hairs are amberish and not red yet. My first time with do i have two weeks or am i closer than i think with...
  10. Darth BongWongDong

    WHITE RUSSIANS by BongWongDong

    Aug 16. DAY ONE Wooooooooohooooooooo, got my WHITE RUSSIANS from ontarion in 2 days, was stealthed nice as real estate crap inside and outside. I mailed monday morning and got today (WED) cheap prices, these dudes are bang on, have most...
  11. Darth BongWongDong


    When water is ph adjusted, and left to sit for 24 hours or more, why does ph continue to rise? And is it ok to redo the ph and use the water?
  12. Darth BongWongDong

    3 weeks left

    Three weeks left for most, now the real fattening should begin. Bc strain bagweed, 1400 hps, ph at far so good. Most look decent, tight colas,fat white pistties, leaves are dusted.......
  13. Darth BongWongDong

    little bannanas

    just noticed tonight some lil bannana looking flowers on one of my this a hermy?
  14. Darth BongWongDong

    seed boutique-white russian

    why are white russian seeds so expensive? Could this be an ubber godly- like strain? its 5 times as much as white widow seeds also the seed boutique seems to have a fairly good rep.....anyone have experience? If anyone knows of a seed shop in BC that is reliable please lemme know thank you
  15. Darth BongWongDong

    What is best strain?

    From what i have seen, white widow looks the most benificial, interesting, and it looks like an awesome smoke anything better than white widow? anyone have any experiance with Aurora indica?
  16. Darth BongWongDong

    Not sure what this is.........

    Got some great bc seeds five years ago from a good friend...always had some sorta skunky weed and plenty of it. he dealt with people on the islands that played with strains. Im running 1400 watts of hps, seeds were kept dry for 5 years, all plants germenated in cool temp and all 14 are female...
  17. Darth BongWongDong

    BongWongDong says hello

    Have read some useful info here...great site