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  1. FrostyNugz420

    Bagseed grow

    Well after 5 weeks of flower i now have 6 girls growing and they are taking off. I think one of them is very sativa dominant because it is about a foot taller than the other five. each plant is getting different ferts though so it might be that. im experimenting right now with the ferts for...
  2. FrostyNugz420

    AK-47 cloning

    My buddy is growing 5 female AK-47 plants. I have heard that it has two different phenos. One of his plants has a cherry smell to it and i was wondering if can take cuttings from his plant(with his permission of course) even though its like 5 weeks into flowering. We couldn't resist taking...
  3. FrostyNugz420

    Purple leaves

    i planted bag seeds about a month ago. i let them veg under a 400W MH for 3 weeks and now they are 1 week into flowering under a 400W HPS. All ten seeds that i planted are thriving but the new leaves on one of them are purple! is this normal? or is it some kind of deficency. The PH in the...
  4. FrostyNugz420


    How do you calculate the CFMs will be needed to properly vent a room?
  5. FrostyNugz420

    seed question

    If i plant bagseed from some mids would they still turn out to be the same shitty weed. or is there anything i can do to improve the quality?
  6. FrostyNugz420

    The Marijuana Grower's Guide

    THE MARIJUANA GROWER'S GUIDE by Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal (Edit by Stoney Bud: This book is a copywrited publication. It's protected by law. We can't allow it to be given away on this site. It's available at any good book store. - Thanks, I happen to own this one. It's indeed a great read...
  7. FrostyNugz420

    Light Proof Closet

    im almost ready to start my grow but i noticed the the closet i am going to be using leaks light through the cracks in the door. Its not very much but i still want to correct it. should i just duct tape it? or is there some other less noticeable way to solve this issue?
  8. FrostyNugz420

    Electrical Questions

    i have a 1000w hps light and ballast that runs at 120v. I was wondering if i can plug in my fans, timers, etc. into the same plug as the lights. The outlet that the light is going into is a standard 120v household outlet. Would putting all the extra stuff on be too much for the outlet...
  9. FrostyNugz420


    I was wondering if anyone knew how much a plant will yield with Northern Lights x Big Bud seeds. I am using the SOG method in my closet and was wondering what i could expect from 15-20 plants. Also has anyone ever tried this strain? What are your thoughts on it?
  10. FrostyNugz420

    Sea Of Green

    i know what the Sea of green method is but can anyone explain how to set up a grow room for it.:confused:
  11. FrostyNugz420

    first timer

    im a first time grower and i have read an endless amount of material on the subject. But i was looking for advice straight from the experts. i have a closet that im hoping to use that is 5'x2'x10'. it has a water pipe running through the side of it and it extends up to the top of the closet...