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    leaving tap/city water out for 2days

    I have a few plots growing out side and buy distilled water is out of my budget. Would it be SAFE to use tap/city water for my plants if i let it sit out for a few days? thanks, happy growing
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    Natural water or Filtered water?

    Hi guys long time no posting. For all those that know me and my hydro grow setup and design...well it went awesome! But now im taking my WW out doors and just wondering if leave city/tap water out for 48 would make it real safe to water plants with? Input please. Happy growing.
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    150 watt hps

    That light can cover 3 sq. ft.
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    Just bought Microgarden 14x30 Ebb&Flow 8-Plant

    HK-Buddy im now going to use the unit in the pic for vegging, im working out my flower unit now...decions, decions.
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    AZshwagg's First Grow!!!!

    dude, keep us posted man! "marijuana passion: we know drama"
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    Sicnarf GrOw

    Yeah, make sure you factor all the height and spacing issues out. My cab is 6ft high. Because im using a 250wat hps i can get a little bit more closer to the tops 8-10inches ...I have almost 4ft to spare. I will save more space when I use my bubbler to flower my babes because it sits lower to...
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    My DWC mommies- Ready to be Cut

    hahha, Thanks for the advice seem to know your DWC fo shizzle. oh, yeah, were you using 3"inch nets or 5? rockwool or just hydroton?
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    My DWC mommies- Ready to be Cut

    Could you also flower in that if you so wished, like two 3-4ft plants or maybe a 3rd?
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    My DWC mommies- Ready to be Cut

    edit***it's a 10gallon. 20" L X 13"W X 12"Deep
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    My DWC mommies- Ready to be Cut

    holy ****! those roots are insane. IM making a DWC for flowering. I have a 5 gal rubbermade. I have a Double aquarium air pump for 60 gallon tanks and to 10inch air stones. How many plants could this be set up for mass?
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    3 Growrooms in Loft - A Combined Journal

    **** yeah man. I look foward to seeing your babes grow. damn, I still tring to figure out how to devise a 2nd grow room for these rooms like to dominate the other space around it. I might turn my bathroom into a grow it would not be a bathroom with a grow room , rather a...
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    Mutts crappy camera and micro grow

    OH mutt. I hope that female dont turn hermi...bagseed might do it did to me man, but that was my first time. I got my fingers crossed for ya.
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    New born baby pictures.

    hehe, THanks guys and girls!
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    My DWC mommies- Ready to be Cut

    good looking stuff!
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    New born baby pictures.

    I'm pretty excited these babes popped up over the weekend, they work hard. How do they look>? WW 1 WW2 WW3
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    my rubbermaid germination and vegging grow box

    good job man. looks good
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    Please help me...

    Relax a little. You sound like one up tight person. Your attitude has been conditioned to be afraid. There is nothing wrong with MJ, before you make assumptions please smoke it and enjoy! Lates
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    Please help me...

    Ive grown up around MJ. I go to a Univeristy now and was in the Air force for 4 years. I've been smoking everyday for the past two years.
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    AZshwagg's First Grow!!!!

    such fine babes.