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    6 week flowering white widdows.

    Thanks stoney bud. When you pick off buds will they grow back?
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    6 week flowering white widdows.

    Yeah they were too close to the light so i raised the light and put in bigger fans. The room temp gets to about 83 now. They are improving. Thanks
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    6 week flowering white widdows.

    Got seeds from buy dutch seeds. I'm gonna harvest in like 3 weeks.
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    6 week flowering white widdows.

    Here is an update on my ww gorw. They are in week 6 of flowering. The're 5 girls in an aero 6 under a 1000w hps light 12/12 cycle.
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    anyone using bloombox?

    I found this for future reference.
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    seed boutique?

    Are disposable credit cards traceable if you buy em' with a credit card?
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    Just bought Microgarden 14x30 Ebb&Flow 8-Plant

    That's a nice looking unit.
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    Just cut off shoots???

    Ok, i'll get some pics up ASAP
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    Just cut off shoots???

    I hope somebody answers soon cause i'm freakin out.
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    pruning (good or bad)???

    No I cut off all the shoots, there are still allot of leaves but i only left the ones that aren't creating new shoots. On the tops there are still a couple new shoots on each plant though but there like 1''-2'' ones.
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    Just cut off shoots???

    My plants are in there first week of flower and are about 3' each. I got high and cut off all the shoots leaving only single leaves thinking it would make one large bud on each plant. Was i not supposed to do that?? Is it gonna kill em' or make my yield and quality suffer?? Thanks.
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    pruning (good or bad)???

    What if you cut off everything but single leaves so that you have one tip at top of your tree? Thats what i just did to all 6 of my plants and i'm worried i just did st stupid.
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    4'x4' ebb and flo question

    Yeah i did just decide to scrap the 4X4 project because i don't need that much weed. I sold it to a friend. Instead i am getting a bloombox and i'm gonna take my ww clones and load her up.
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    Strains im considering, help me out.

    I'm about to get these strains and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them? Also are they gonna each be completely different, or are they similar in the high? I've read the details different places but i just wanted yalls input. I'm gonna grow in a bloombox sog style. Are these easy...
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    They don't have serious seeds there. I thought seedboutique was one of the places having stuff confiscated.
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    Is a legitimate place to get seeds from? Are they having there stuff confiscated? Anyone bought from them? Thanks
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    equalizer question

    Or these?