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    when will flowering start?

    Hi Guys, zouse here looking for some help.... i have a beautiful female growing out side, i started her in the house then transfered her out side, she is sitting in a sun spot so gets the sun all day (when it is sunny here in scotland) anyway she has grown so well but i need to know what i do...
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    huge plat no buds

    you cannot go around stealing other peoples stash man that just aint right, i work really hard with my babies and to go one day and find them gone christ man it aint worth thinking about, do what we all have done start from the begining and grow your own the pleasure you will get will reward you...
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    parital sunlight?

    Hi all looking for some info, i have a 20foot aviery that is open roofed with the front open as well, the inside is painted white and it is located where most of the sun shines during the day, now i have a dozen clones from my mother plant and want to grow them within this aviery, i have a...
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    My harvest

    hi greendaygirl, what soil/hydro mix did you use, my last batch gave me 9.5 oz but when dried out in the correct fashion i lost about half so now i punt it on a bit moist, no complaints to date about being a bit moist after all it beats the **** out of the crap that is doing it's rounds
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    air cool reflectors

    hi Fumanchu, i do not know a lot about fans but what i can say is have a look on Ebay in the search box type hydroponics there is some serious shit there all types of fans, light everything we need man
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    Too much light?

    Hi all can anyone tell me what they what they think of the envirolite, i was thinking of swapping over to them during veg what you guys think, must admit though HPS are the dogs bollocks
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    NORTHERN BERRY bud pics

    Brothers grunt i am having issues uploading pictures onto this site could you please tell me how i up load i have done it once in the past but seem to have forgot how to if not anyone else out there who can help if possible can you make it IDIOT proof, i have some really nice pics of white...
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    White Russian

    Once the young plants are firmly rooted (i use the biggest containers as it saves stressing the babies when transplanting), i keep five on the go (veg state) all the time, i continuously snip away the larger leafs with the purple stalks, i do this once a week untill the plant is tall and bushy...
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    White Russian

    ye one plant i use 400w HPS on 12/12 feed her once a week with coco bloom them magicgrow the next time then just clean old water that has lay for a day or two, that system works for me, my new one thats about to go into flower is three times the size of this one, shes beautiful, will post some...
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    White Russian

    cheers all who replied i waited and waited and god was it worth it **** the missus had to scrape me off the ceiling wow and to think i have three jars just maturing away will keep ya all informed thanks for the help
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    Best Strain

    cincy boy, i have a few female seeds of the white widow how could i get them to you to try??
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    how should i dryem??

    Hick just read your item on drying cheers mucker really going to help,i am new here and to date find everyone so helpful i have managed to rectify many problems by reading the forums so thanks all out there Tam
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    How is white russian?

    well i would say for that variety yes a class of it's own the high is long lasting and the taste is kinda sweet, i have three AK47's on the go to see what that is like as it is part white widow, i would certainly recommend others to give it a go
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    How is white russian?

    HIYA all well those that seen my white russian pics will know that they were nearly ready to taste and that is what i did and may i say Wow what a lovely smoke no harshness atall brill it stuck me to the ceiling for a couple of hours, so those who want to grow it all i can say is go on my son it...
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    Hiya Spook313 tam the man here, have you tried Ebay, i got four 400W HPS fittings complete with Ballast for under £150 thats about $80, better trying there than having stolen ones cause believe me when the other dude gets caught for something he will not be long in fireing your name forward...
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    White Russian

    cheers Brothers grunt, still trying to upload some more but it keep saying the file is to large any ideas
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    some more WHITE RUSSIAN PICS

    no such thing as rape woman run faster with skirt up than with man with trousers down; the wee chinese guy.
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    some more WHITE RUSSIAN PICS

    thanks those that eplied to my post, i am new to this game always got my gear from some rip off merchant, but the tables are now turned he he hope you guys like the pics all the best ZOUSE :D
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    White Russian

    as promised here is some pics of my WHITE RUSSIAN, i have not tasted her yet, she is 5 weeks into flower, she is under 400W hps 12/12 in soil, i have the four pot hydro system for my next attempt, when will i know when to harvest