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  1. Leo27

    OK to trim nugs off stems at harvest to reduce mold?

    Last year I lost a good amount of White Widow auto harvest to mold, the main cola was extremely tight. This year I have a Northern Light Auto harvest coming up soon and I was thinking that if I trimmed the nugs off of the stems and place them on wire racks for the initial drying phase, I'd get...
  2. Leo27

    Any thoughts on USA Nirvana's Blue Mystic and Northern Light Autos?

    Last year I grew Pacific Seed Bank's White Widow auto. This year I'd like to try a more indica based plant. WW is OK but I'm seeking more of a body buzz (none w/WW) and a much less stinky plant. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Leo27

    White Widow Auto. Over dried?

    On day 97 of my White Widow Auto grow I broke one of the lowest branches moving the plant. It was still attached somewhat so I propped it up with a stick and a twistem. After a couple days it wasn't doing well, sugar leaves looking dry and browning so I cut it off the main stem and hung it to...
  4. Leo27

    Aquarium tap water conditioner?

    I have an aquarium and use a tap water conditioner. It says it removes chlorine and breaks the chloramine bond. I was wondering if I could use this to "condition" water for cannabis.
  5. Leo27

    Stalled seed germinating root development

    I started a Fortune Cookies Auto seed in a shot glass of distilled water. After 16 hours, placed it in dish & wet paper towel (Brawny brand) folded over the edges tucking the seed in real nice and covered it with another dish set askew a bit, set in a dark room. Temperature is 77 degrees in the...
  6. Leo27

    Dr. Zymes for pest and fungus control?

    Dr. Zymes has a spray for pests and fungus control. Has anyone used it and can describe how they used it. I guess you just spray it on the plants if one has a problem. Would it/does it effect the quality of the end product?
  7. Leo27

    Only indoor 6500K CFL during vegetative growth or can I mix in some sun?

    Here in South Florida we have a good deal of sun and warmth during February-March. I'm starting a White Widow Auto in a 3 gallon pot and I have the option of using only indoor "daylight" 6500K CFL lighting 18/6 or I can take the plant outside on sunny days and, of course using the CFL to make up...
  8. Leo27

    First grow and first disaster. Broken main stem.

    Hi guys, nice to be here. South Florida. I'm on day 38 of an organic White Widow Autoflower indoor/outdoor grow, 3 gallon pot. Plant is starting to show pre-flowers and was looking great. I take it outside for the sun and bring it in under lights for the evening and on cloudy days. Days are...