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  1. El Diablo Verde

    FDA finds no use for medical MJ According to this article, the FDA has ignored both private and government studies about the matter and simply stated that no scientific studies support it's legitimate use as medicine. More of that politics before science **. MMM, bureaucracy
  2. El Diablo Verde

    Is this enough space?

    YEs it could, It would require either cool tude HID or long double tube flours and would also require you to fan out the branches and tie them longways in the closet(I'm assuming) but it could be done. Wouldn't reccommend it, but YES IT COULD. I've grown in smaller areas than that before.
  3. El Diablo Verde

    growing mj in rain

    The sun still gives off more light than a hundred flours even when it's cloudy. you will get much bigger yields under natural light than anything you can buy. Outdoors is the way to go if you can do it safely, but I do caution that that is rather hard.
  4. El Diablo Verde

    Is this enough space?

    That isn't that much space, but you could probably veg a few plants in there and the lighting situatoin would be awkward, but it could be done with a lil ingenuity.
  5. El Diablo Verde

    A friends story about Marijuana on the Moon

    Well, that may or may not be tru, but it is an interesting concept. There were a lot of progressively minded ppl that worked for the space program back in the 60s and 70s and the likely of there being any sort of drug dogs around the lunch site at that time is very low, it's possible that it's...
  6. El Diablo Verde

    Veg. grow box design NEED HELP!

    Guru right, that space would have to be nearly 3 times that size for a moderate sized plant in full flower. i have done a lot of flouro grows with great success in limited(but not that limited) space and money, so a if budget limit is an issue, I'm a good guy to talk to. Although I highly...
  7. El Diablo Verde

    Anybody Had Budder?

    I'd love the recipe man
  8. El Diablo Verde

    Bong Hits 4 Jesus

    ******* RIGHT! Bong Hits for Jesus!
  9. El Diablo Verde

    The adventures of Dirt

    My suggestion to you would be to read an online grow guide and then go to the pic secyion and try to find somebody with a full grow journal. They are usually contain good pics of a naturally progressing plant.
  10. El Diablo Verde

    Anybody Had Budder?

    Exactly Stoney, exactly.
  11. El Diablo Verde

    uh oh

    Get the hum. up a little deffinately. It will help the plant in the early goings, then you can lower after a few weeks. Lower temps wouldn't hurt either, but you gotta do the best you can.
  12. El Diablo Verde

    The adventures of Dirt

    Also, make sure the container you have them in can drain. If you keep watering the soil, even if the top is dry, the bottom is probably soaking wet and if your roots sit in that, they will rot. If your "tupperware" doesn't have any holes, drill some in the bottom of the to compensate. one in...
  13. El Diablo Verde

    uh oh

    Yeah, that's why they come with really long cords so you can put them outside of the growroom(if possible) to reduce heat. There are digital ballasts which are cooler and use less energy and are HPS/MH switchable, but they are more money. Really nice though. Here's a link...
  14. El Diablo Verde

    Anybody Had Budder?

    Well, he makes it in canada, grows his own strains, and thustly has very low production costs. But, even if he had to buy it, it would beless than $200 canadian for an ounce which is less than $150 american and I would assume he would buy it by the pound for a better deal. The $275 is about the...
  15. El Diablo Verde

    uh oh

    I would even shoot as low as 70-75 degs for your air temp with warm soil(heating pad on lowest setting) after germinating the seeds and make sure that mh is pretty far away at first because the heat will be pretty high. Young plants also thrive well in high humidity enviroments because this aids...
  16. El Diablo Verde

    7.5 tons of weed

    My roommate used to sell "mids" for $100 to $120 bucks an oz and all it was shwag bagseed that we threw out earlier in the year and then whent back when they were flowering and removed the males, creating sinsemilla bud. Only slightly higher in thc content then the local reggies, everybody...
  17. El Diablo Verde

    Anybody Had Budder?

    Yeah, that was one of the main things. I was about to buy a new vap and I started poking around about the strongest hashish around and this was the purest stuff. I'm tempted go to the Cannabis Cup next year just to try it. Well, that and all the other best shit in the world!
  18. El Diablo Verde

    Spring Break

    Jew Country? I don't know whether to right lol or ***?
  19. El Diablo Verde

    fan cut one of my upper leaves

    I'll send you a pick with some of the abuse the plants in my "sickward" have undergone later today. You'd be surprised how much they want to grow sometimes.
  20. El Diablo Verde

    Anybody Had Budder?

    I'd say you've never smoked good hash and have no f*** clue what your talking about. Even small changes in the overall THC content in of any marijuana product is noticable(lets say 3-5%). So imagine if you go from Mexican swhag: 3-8% THC, ridiculously potent pot: say about 23-27%, then to shitty...