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  1. Redrooster

    Oven Temperatures and Times chart for Marijuana

    The chart makes sense only if you have read the preceding context!
  2. Redrooster

    Hermaphrodite male pollen balls.

    Thanks for the link mate, it makes me more confident when I'm looking for these balls or bananas. I'm 5 weeks into the change from the vegetative state to flowering. I wish I could get a PDF of that guide to show my friends?
  3. Redrooster

    Hermaphrodite male pollen balls.

    Where do I get it?
  4. Redrooster

    Hermaphrodite male pollen balls.

    No one told me putting two together would stop the balls? I was going on the fact that a single plant will go Hermi to reproduce. So I just tried it? Any recommendation for another high yield strain for pain relief with an attendant buzz?
  5. Redrooster

    Hermaphrodite male pollen balls.

    I've been growing just one plant at a time for medical use using the same seeds every year. Every year they flower and later on get male pollen balls and subsequently seeds but this year I've grown two plants right next to each other, would that fix the male pollen problem? Another thing, just...
  6. Redrooster

    To pull or not to pull?

    I realize that this is an old post but I wouldn't feed it anything, in fact, I would not even water it again so the plant stresses out and makes more resin to protect its non-existent seeds.
  7. Redrooster

    Comment by 'Redrooster' in media '1607373521846.jpg'

    That is a pretty picture to wake up to this morning! Beautiful is the word to describe it.
  8. Redrooster

    Please help my growing problem.

    Check your PH, it might be too high?
  9. Redrooster

    Cant figure out my problem

    My photo shows the normal yellowing of the shade leaf before dropping off but the brown bits are I suspect are from some Boric Acid run-off from next to the plant where I had treated the ground for ants, fleas, etc... This the only area that this has happened. My soil ph is 8 to 9, its fairly...
  10. Redrooster

    Hi from Western Australia.

    I've never heard a Macintosh in real life before, they are very rare in this part of the world and beyond the reach of most people seeing as the price here is at least 2 or 3 times more than the United States. $13,000 for a Pre-amp. Ive looked at the circuitry of a few Macintosh intergrated amps...
  11. Redrooster

    Hi from Western Australia.

    Yeah, the seeds were still good after all that time, well about half of them anyway. I get about at least a pound of head off each plant, I tip them once after the second or third leaves show so it spreads out and only gets to about 6 foot high.
  12. Redrooster

    Hi from Western Australia.

    I have a few vintage Sansui AU-series amps, I'm working on a Sansui AU-D907FE that I imported from Japan at the moment, I'm waiting on a 100v stepdown transformer to arrive in the post. The neighbors will know when that arrives. lol
  13. Redrooster

    Hi from Western Australia.

    I read the rules for this site and I like them, I won't have to hesitate to ask a question for fear of being ridiculed for asking a ''stupid'' question as happens on some other sites. As far as I'm concerned there are no stupid questions? I'm 67 y/o, I repair vintage Hi-Fi components mainly...