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  1. The celts are here

    Element Nutrients is running a sample pack for $10

    I have nothing to do with this company but for $10 it’s well worth the money makes 50 gallons here’s the link thank me later
  2. The celts are here

    White widow auto

    Here’s my white widow auto,she’s 8 weeks old at the minute,first time growing this strain I traded some seeds for the widow seeds Using black gold soil,grow big,big bloom Molasses,coconut water plant in a 3 Gallon pot
  3. The celts are here

    Carolina Mantis Anyone use these bad boys

    Was thing about getting a couple of these for my tent,I don’t have any bugs but just in case ,I’ve seen a few people use these Indoors, Only need one or 3 they sell them on Amazon but the egg cases produce 100 at a time lol
  4. The celts are here

    Little something I’m working on

    This is a little auto strain I made GSC/northern lights /blueberry first time trying the seeds,she’s looking strong good roots, Going to put her in a 3 gallon pot tonight Probably take couple of clones off her spray one with CS spray
  5. The celts are here

    Crazy looking auto clone

    I’ve never had a clone that looked like this lol Took this from the cream plant I have growing it’s frosty little plant.I was going To bin it few weeks ago but I kept it just to see not like it’s taking room up in the tent Second last pic is the mother looks nothing like the cream plant I put...
  6. The celts are here

    Little cream for you

    Not to long to go for this cream auto
  7. The celts are here

    I like auto flowers

    Just noticed this little auto flower place,my last 4 grows have been autos,got bored with photo plants I like the quick harvest What’s every one else growing,Hindu Kush ,gorilla glue,cream,white widow I have going At the minute, ive started to pop seeds for my new grow lol Girl Scout...
  8. The celts are here

    Fresh and new

    How’s it going new member here Living in sunny California I like to grow autos and photos indoor growing make My own seeds and strains some of my grows,I only grow for myself wife don’t smoke herb,I usually grow 4-5 plants at a time, this is my 6th grow so still kinda new to growing I’m in the...