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  1. 5meo

    Two Plants One Tent

    Figured I'd spin up a journal, this will likely be on-going with a lot of variation due to some big life changes in the works. The current situation is pretty simple. Here are the specs: 1x 4ft x 4ft x 7ft tent. ScrOG 3" netting 2x Enfun qb boards, running at 200 actual watts for 400w total...
  2. 5meo

    hello from the pnw!

    hello hello! I heard of this place through a couple of leads at another forum, and figured I'd check it out. Been growing for a while, but always experimenting and always open to feedback. Currently running a two site Dutch Bucket system in a 4x4 with 520w LED. Feeding front row ag, MOAB...