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    Lime green leaves/purple stems

    Look hungry to me. They do yellow out the leaves at the end of cycle but yours are doing it a bit early. The more they grow, the more they eat & drink (kinda like my grandkids LOL). As they mature, increase you ppm's for feed. Don't get crazy with it though. I had a real bad knack for burning...
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    Is this male or female

    They usually need a couple months before showing sex.
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    coco ph, what am i doing wrong

    Nothing. Your plants (by pictures) are nice and healthy. Forget all the measuring of soil pH. Water them with tap water and go on. I've used Roots soil, tap water and light now for 7 yrs successfully. Its simple and it works. You can drive yourself nuts with all the levels of stuff but in the...
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    New guy here thanks for the read

    Got any pics of your situation? They always help when asked to assess a plant/grow/etc. I use a high quality soil because I don't have to do the chemist thing. My soil feeds my plants completely. Only rarely do I have to boost nutrients and the few times it happens are always in flower cycle...
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    Beginning covert outdoor grow in N.E.

    Woah! This girl wouldn't be producing a lot of syrup at a 40:1 ratio. LOL Personally, I've never used any of that kinda thing in my grow. I do soil, water and light which gets the job done. Life is already a circus around here and free time is hard to come by. I wish I had time to play around...
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    Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    I used a bag once when the shop was out of my fave, Roots Organics 707 (used to use original blend till they shipped the 707 last year by mistake). The 707 is as good as original but less perlite...which i like because it holds water longer. The Fox Farms is pretty good. I didn't like it as much...
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    Grow room design question: exhaust fan placement

    The fan in our flower room is in the middle of our 2 banks of lights. We still use HPS lamps which are hot and expensive to run but grow really beautiful fat buds. When it kicks on, its noisy...not in a bad way, just powerful and you definitely hear it when it kicks on and while its running. Not...
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    My Latest Grow

    Just know that production is directly proportional to light intensity. If it were me, I'd get a more powerful light to flower with. The more intense the lighting in flower, the fatter and more dense your buds will be. The 300 will flower the plant but the yield will be much less than if you had...
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    Humidity question/issue

    I think you're putting far too much emphasis on humidity. LOL Been running a setup for several years now and not real sure I ever checked the humidity in there. I never had issues with mold, etc, so it was never much of a concern. The first couple of years during the trial by fire phase, I...
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    White Widow monsters

    I grow WW and have for several years now. An awesome strain. They're naturally a more lanky growing plant. To stop some of the height they tend to want to grow to, I lower my lights down as close as possible for first 2-3 weeks of flower cycle. Once the stretch & grow crazy period is past and...
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    When to switch to 12/12 when a stalk had split but seems alright?

    As far as I know, when you flip the light cycle is up to you and has little to do with the broken stalk. Throw some duct tape around the stalk and move on. The plant will keep on doing its thing. I've had them split or break on me before but the plants are pretty tough and their job is to grow...
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    Little cream for you

    Been running WW steady for 5-6 yrs now. Its by far my most popular strain among friends I've shared with. Recently ordered some new strains so we'll compare again soon. But definitely one of our faves here.
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    Introduction to new site

    I'm new here too. Used to hang out on another growers forum but got away from it a few years back. Must've gotten lonely & needed new friends... and landed here. LOL I enjoy soaking up good grow info from others and offering aid to whomever when I can. Welcome.
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    New Room

    I've been running a small indoor set up similar in size, actually a bit smaller, to yours for the past 7-8 yrs. I can flower around 20 plants max in the space but typically try to keep numbers below to avoid any crowding/shading. Not familiar with that particular light/LED, but with LEDs in...