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  1. Oldbay

    This mindset is why our genetics pool is in danger I would give half of my seedbank to get my hands on some of these gems. While I grow and love poly weed, until you can smoke someone out on a long flowering heirloom/landrace, or better yet a few of them to...
  2. Oldbay

    Looking at tips for chucking pollen

  3. Oldbay

    Disappointment with “classic seedbanks” gear

    More of a rant than anything but I’ve been lucky enough to have generous people in my online and real life who have hooked me up with crosses they have made and/or cuts they were willing to share. I recently got the bug to run some more Sativa leaning strains and in addition to getting some...
  4. Oldbay

    Wish List Thread??

    So... wasn’t sure where to post this, but are wish list threads allowed here? e.g. “I wish someone had some nld long flowering sativa pollen and/or beans” type of thing?
  5. Oldbay

    Oldbay’s Perpetual Grow Circus Tent

    Getting a place holder to start sharing my grow log. details: I run 3 tents 2x2x3 with cfls for clones, seedlings and small moms 2x2x4 with a 100 watt hlg 4k led panel 4x4 gorilla tent with a HLG 550 rspec for flowering. I grow in soil but I’m not loving it yet and/or haven’t sorted it yet...
  6. Oldbay

    Hello from Oldbay

    Hello all, I’m Oldbay (sometimes olday) and a legal med grower in IL. Veteran, Doggo lover and obviously a cannabis enthusiast. I see some familiar faces and looking forward to meeting some new like minded people as well. Peace - O