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  1. yooper420

    Leary about signing up for State Medical Marijuana Card

    My medical card kept me from going to JAIL when I got raided about 10 years ago. Took all 12 of my plants (legal limit) in Michigan. Said he could turn my house over but did not. I did not let him inside. My wife freaked out as the helicopter circled my house and I sat on the porch, feet on the...
  2. yooper420

    OK to trim nugs off stems at harvest to reduce mold?

    First time I lived in Florida my outdoor grow got ripped off. The dumb mofos ripped off immature plants, they had just started to bud.
  3. yooper420

    Repotting advice?

    AGREED, bro.
  4. yooper420

    HELPFUL Hints and Technics for starting Cannabis Seeds feel free to add more.

    FYI, I do not feel right unless I have a crop growing. Gives this old fart something to do every day. Grow on mofos.
  5. yooper420

    HELPFUL Hints and Technics for starting Cannabis Seeds feel free to add more.

    In my 8 or 9 years of growing I have used all of these methods, with about 90 % or better germination rate. To simply things now I just put the seeds into biodegradable pots with Sunshine Mix #4 in 'em. I discard the pots upon transplanting. Keep 'em damp and enjoy your sprouts. Very simple and...
  6. yooper420

    Buying seeds online

    My last order went off tracking from Spain. Called them, they checked and resent the order. Both ended up coming. I got 2 for 1.
  7. yooper420

    Anyone use this light, Geeklight Geekbeast Pro 630W?

    Mine are all Timber LED Grow Lights. I luv 'em.
  8. yooper420

    Need help with 5x5 tent recommendations

    I have a 5' X 9' Gorilla tent that i'm setting up right now.
  9. yooper420

    Black Widow

    No auto feed, just water when needed. Have holes drilled in the sides from bottom to about half way up. Also have 2 clay saucers in bottom off each pot. My system has worked great for about 7 or 8 years.
  10. yooper420

    Marijuanan Grow Lights

    LED's get my vote. I use Timber LED Grow Lights.
  11. yooper420

    Black Widow

    I water from the bottom only. This leaves the top 2-3" of soil dry, which the soil gnats can not crawl through. Elimination the easy way.
  12. yooper420

    Companion Planting

    I usually plant a couple pots of Marigolds along with my cannabis plants in my grow room in my garage. In 9 years have never had a bug.
  13. yooper420

    Hello From Canada

    Welcome Mr. Smoke to the never ending fun and games at MP.
  14. yooper420

    Stupid Question-- About Air

    All i've ever used was an exhaust fan with passive inlets. Worked great for the last 9 years.
  15. yooper420

    315W CMH--> Help, Thoughts, Concerns?

    My thinking is in LED's. The only way to go.
  16. yooper420

    Looking for flavor

    Alice's can get anything you want there, 'cept for Alice.
  17. yooper420


    Shoot him in the middle leg huh ?
  18. yooper420


    Hope the mofo can dodge 220 grain 30-06 or 245 grain 44 magnum lead welcome to my humble abode shots. He can have my toothbrush as I do not have any teeth. Just remember, I been shot at before and I shoot back. One shot, one kill.
  19. yooper420


    I bought all of mine directly from Timber. The Cypress lights are on sale right now. Not to mention, but Timber has the best customer service that I have dealt with in years.
  20. yooper420


    They look good to me. New style strip lights, copying the Spyder lights. Go for it, somebody's gotta be first.