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  1. Nilla420

    Drying Question

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    ??? for after Harvest

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    Soooo many strains

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    Say Hello to my little Friend.

  5. Nilla420

    Say Hello to my little Friend.

    This is Tony, he watches over my White Widdow while I'm gone. he hates cockaroaches...`
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    I'm gonna buy some Fox Farm Nutes just wondering which ones I should buy? I was thinking of Fox Farm Grow Big Organic and Fox Farm Big Bloom.
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    Seed Storage?

    I received My White Widow and Super Skunk from the nirvana section of Dr. Chronic's site. I was suprised how fast they got here. I ordered them on thursday and got them on tuesday. I just have a couple of questions. I received to containers, one has SS written on it for Super Skunk I...
  8. Nilla420

    Soooo many strains

    I have had some success growing commercial bag seed and think I'm ready to order a real strain. I would like some advice from expeirenced growers on which stain to grow. I grow in dirt in a small closet, 7ft long x4ft high x 4ft deep. I use 8 4ft 40w flos during vegitive, and ad a 250w HPS...
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    ??? for after Harvest

    I just had my second harvest. Over 11 ounces from six plants of bag seed. I plan on smoking it slowly over a long period of time. How long do I need to open my jars for daily? What is the best way to store it? Should I just keep it in jars? Should I put the jars in the freezer? I have a...
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    How many of the Trichomes should be amber when its time to harvest?
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    Devel Horned Bud

    My Birthday was on 6/6/6 this year, and thats when this bud appeared:)
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    I'm looking for a microscope to buy, I have heard 30x recommended before. All I am finding are 60-100x will that be all right, or too powerfull.
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    What should I do?

    I'm eight weeks into flowering, my plants are almost done, but one plant has some small imature seeds in its smaller under buds. I don't see any seeds in the top colas of the same plant, or in any other plant. This is my second grow, and it is all from bag seed. I understand there is more of a...
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    Lumens per sq ft???

    I was hoping someone could help me figure out how many Lumens per sq ft I am putting out. I am using four 4ft Ecolux flo 40w sp41, four 4ft Ecolux flo 40w sp65, and one 250w HPS. Thanks for any help.
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    Nutrient Requirements

    Is it ok to use hydro nutes in a soil medium? Is there any benefit or disadvantage in doing so?
  16. Nilla420

    18/6 or 24 photoperiod?

    Thankyou to everyone who takes time to give knowledge to those who seek it. I am starting my second crop. Last time I used 24 hours constent light. Just would like some feed back of pros and cons of 18/6 versus 24. The only thing I have read on it is if elec. bill isn't an issue us 24.
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    Drying Question

    I harvested most of my plants. I am limited on good places to dry plants in. I have them hanging in a card board box. I keep the flaps shut, plus Block any seam were light might get though. I usually open it once a day to look at them. I can't help it. The temp inside box is 70-74. Is...
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    How'd that happen?

    My plants are doing good, they have been flowering for 7 weeks. The problem is they have seeds. I had 9 plants 3 were males, and they were all removed with in 12 days of 12/12. I don't understand why I have seeds. Some buds have lots of seeds. Could hermaphrodites be the problem?
  19. Nilla420

    First grow pics

    This is my first attempt to grow cannabis. My closet is 6ftlong x 3.5ft wide, I can only get my lights bout 4ft high cause of slanted cealling. For vegative I used 6 4ft tubes, I added a 250 watt mini horrizontal hps( I think thats the biggest I can go with out getting too hot) for flowereing at...
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    Still need help

    My plants were root bound so I transplanted. Right after I transplantted, new buds started to grow. I cut off the dead fan leaves and noticed that the remaning fan leaves were starting to get spots, curl and die. I need to figure something out, I am running out of mature fan leaves on some...