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  1. bigBMfan1

    You Little Beauty, I think i got him in time OR Did I ????

    Gday Gents and Gals @WeedHopper @ROSTERMAN @Smoke I know I'm just a pest from Australia, Can someone please have a glance at my day 28 Flower. Coco,perlite,600 watt mars hydro, standard 4 inch exhaust,3 oscillating fans. Temps Night 16c RH 60% Days 23-25c Rh 60-65% 1.5 mls Calmag.1,5 mls PK...
  2. bigBMfan1

    Aussie having issues Need Advice

    gday @ROSTERMAN following are some pics (not the best) of some issues i need to get on top of 3rd week into flower and i think i have some def...... any help would be awesome cheers
  3. bigBMfan1

    1st time lolly popper seeks advice

    Howdy Folks I have been a bit annoying with my threads of late, but here's another 1 This is my first attempt at lollyppoping as the pictures displays I have defoliating these 4 girls that much over the last few weeks as suggested by members. So today first white hairs, you wont see because of...
  4. bigBMfan1

    Is Cal/mag/nit & Canna pk 13/14 + Worm Castings enough for flowering a reasonable bud

    hi guys Happy EASTER TO ALL STAY SAFE ALWAYS. as i said I'm using 20 litres Mix is made up of ( i feed 750 mls in 3 lots of 250 mls i wait 10 between each 250 mls) Cal/Mag/Nit 30mls the bottle says Calcium 70 GL,Magnesium, Nitrogen 71 GL..What do these numbers mean in LAYMANS terms canna P K...
  5. bigBMfan1

    AUSSIE Seeking advice on PowerFeed products

    gday to all 50/50 perlite coir 600 watt mars hydro unknown strain ph 5.65-5.85 consistent temps 22-26Deg rh 50%-70% generally after feed it gets high then lowers i dont do much testing of runoff 1st week of flower i was wondering if anyone can suggest which of these products in m y cupboard to...
  6. bigBMfan1

    gday from OZ mate

    howdy guys just wanted to drop by a couple of forums to research of growing mj indoors one day soon
  7. bigBMfan1

    PPMS & EC Questions Included feed chart

    howdy folks i know that this excel spreadsheet isn't fully filled or it would be a journal. ignore most of it just go to the bottom and you will see some examples odf certain days,i hope you can at least half understand it , its not that5 complicated its also hard to know what it all means I'm...