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  1. bsdwolf

    I got bored, and got building.

    Everything bought was made in Canada... so it'll probably all break sometime soon... What does that mean? Edited by Stoney Bud. We don't cuss with initials here either. Thanks.
  2. bsdwolf


    Howdy and welcome aboard. Have fun! :cool:
  3. bsdwolf


    I prefer Sativa's for the daytime as they give me the lift I need to function. Sativa's also stimulate my appetite and help with nausea. A friend gave me some TVK, a very potent medicinal Sativa. Black Widow was another one that I enjoyed as well. Indica for evenings when I need to rest, God...
  4. bsdwolf

    heyo from bc canada

    Astra, you old son of a gun, I followed you here... Howl...
  5. bsdwolf


    Howdy from the Canadian prairies. Astra007 invited me here and I like it already. I'm a 47 year old male who uses medical Marijuana to alleviate pain and other symptoms from a 2001 brain injury. Looking forward to getting to know you folks.