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    Crown budd burning i think

    Hey everyone, cant get picks up right now ill just throw this at you as best i can someone should have an idea, i have to plants under 400watt hps there 5weeks into flower all was going well but i noticed the crown on one of the plants over the period of problibly 3days went from being gine to...
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    Problems with seeds

    Hiya everyone got a little problem with some feminised seeds i got, when i try and germinate them in a paper towel they crack and the taproot comes out after about 24hours but then the root doesnt seen to grow much bigger and they dont sprout to threw the surface this has happened to about 5 of...
  3. unix

    Updated Pics

    Hey everyone, just an update on my grow, 2weeks into flowering ended up with 5females like i thought, all bagseed, Hopefully its good smoke when its ready.. I forgot to take a pic of the Bonsai i stress trained ill try take a pic tomorrow sometime. "Peace"
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    good idea to flower or not?

    Hey, i have 4 plants that are about 16inches tall with preflowers and lat branches, would it be good to flower these now or let them get heaps bigger?.
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    stem growth

    Im about 12days into my second grow 6 seedlings in 5gallonpots under a 400watt hps, my question is everytime i start they are growing fast new leaves all the time but there not getting any taller the 2 big first set of leaves are nearly touching the soil, i moved my light further away and put it...
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    Plant size

    Hey, at about how tall should my plants be before i can put them into flower, someone said about 10-15 inches, there about 8" now..
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    Brown Spots

    Sup everyone, my white widow plants are about 5weeks old now there in cocopeat under a 600watt hps, the problem is one of my 3 plants is starting to get these spots on one set of leaves and im not quite sure what it is... i was going to give it a few more days to see if it gets better or worse...
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    If your starting growing hydro in rocks how do you start the plant do you put your seed inbetween the rocks or do you add a bit of soil under the rocks how does it work? i cant find any info on this.
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    Planting seeds in rocks

    Hey, Just a question if you are growing hydro and you have seeds do you just poke a hole in the rocks and put the seed in there or do you have to add a bit of soil to the rocks?? Thanks
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    Light on/off time

    I read in one of the grow guides that in the veg stage i should have 16-18hours light and 6hours darkness a day, is this right? i have been running mine 24/7 maybe thats why my plants arnt growing really fast? cheers guys
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    Hey, after how long from sprouting is it ok to give nutes? 2 weeks? my plants are 13days old they look good but iv seen some pics of other peoples plants at 3weeks and they look a fairbit bigger, do they do alot of growing from week 2 to 3??,, p.s my soil has some sort of goodies in it from the...
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    Help with plant please

    Guy's how do you tell when the plant has finished germinating and you need to turn the lights down more for it to flower? and also is it ok for me to give the plants some fish emulsion and miracle growth only a day after they have popped through the surface if i dont make it very strong?? thanks...
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    Help plz

    Hey everyone, need some info on lighting, Just after the sprout has popped through the surface how long should the lights be on for 24/7? thanks..
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    Ok i ended up getting a 400watt hps light kit today set it up in top of my closet, i was going to grow my plant outside but i have decided to just grow it inside for now, im just wondering how long a day should i keep the lite on while they have only just sprouted today is it 24hours a day? thanks
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    light types

    Hi, just wondering if a 1050lume fluro light will work if i have it right above the plant for a while untill i can efford a 400watt one,? thanks
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    Growing outdoors in Australia

    Hi, i just got 20 afgahni seeds and want to grow them out the back withought lights is it as easy as getting the seeds to germinate then plant them about an inch deep in a small pot wth good soil?? then plant them in the ground later on. thanks