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    How Cannabis Can Be Helpful in Treating Lupus

    Lupus is an autoimmune disease of inflammation. As an alternative medicine, medical cannabis is considered an ideal medication to help lupus patients cope with the many symptoms of the disorder, such as immense nausea and debilitating pain. While medical marijuana is primarily known to be an...
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    Eating raw cannabis for Fibromyalgia

    Cannabis not only gets you high but also provide relief against various ailments.There are 421 different chemical compounds in the cannabis plant and out of them over 100 are unique plant molecules known as cannabinoids.Fiber is broken down by the bacteria which reside in the intestines...
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    I want to learn how to grow marijuana

    Growing marijuana is a rewarding hobby and can offer a great business opportunity as well. Cannabis cultivation is a rewarding endeavor that basically can be done in any climate. There are certain step to follow before growing the marijuna seeds. Marijuana cultivation has five major components...
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    The Terpenes of Cannabis, Their Aromas, and Effects

    The cannabis plant produces upwards of 200 terpenes, in varying concentrations and combinations, though the amount it could potentially produce is yet unknown. This makes terpenes the largest group of known phytochemicals in marijuana. The distinct scent of each cannabis cultivar is a result of...
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    Why does cannabis turn your eyes red?

    Red eyes are typically a classic, telltale giveaway that someone’s smoked cannabis. For certain individuals, it’s a guaranteed occurrence, while for others who seem to be less sensitive, red eyes may come and go depending on the quantity or quality of the cannabis they consume.
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    Cannabis is grown from one of two sources: a seed or a clone. In commercial cannabis production, generally, growers will plant many seeds of one strain and choose the best plant. They will then take clones from that individual plant, which allows for consistent genetics for mass...
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    Auto seeds- What all do I need?

    Growing autoflowers can significantly speed up harvest time while delivering an ample yield of marijuana. Autoflowering cannabis seeds may mature in as little as seven or eight weeks from seed to harvest depending on the strain.The timing of autoflowering plants depends on their size and...
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    Ready for harvest?

    Harvest time is the most rewarding and exciting aspect of cultivating cannabis for many growers. After months of witnessing your plants slowly morph from seedlings into fully bloomed plants, it’s almost time to reach for the trimmers and proceed to dry and cure your bounty.There are general...
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    Temperature for drying your harvest?

    Humidity is another incredibly important factor that can determine the success rate of your seeds.This obviously depends on your climate too, as there are places that have incredibly high humidity and others that are quite dry, which can directly impact how you have to store your seeds.Cannabis...
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    My Latest Grow

    The most important growing tip is to check on your cannabis plants daily. As with many processes, the easiest way to fix a problem is in the beginning stages! If something is wrong with your plant in a DWC system, your first step in remedying your plant should always be to change out the...
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    Introduction to new site

    Hi Everybody, I am newbie here and looking forward to become a good contributor to this forum.