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    What to do now

    So posted on the other forum my sneaky little bastard announced his self and dumped around two I should say three females now I have to Herm and one female guess I wasn’t fast enough don’t think I’ve had a Herm in my Grow yet anybody tell me what to expect please and thank you
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    She is a he she-he he-she shhheee nope she’s a he. Meet almost fucked my grow.

    Especially when they came from Canuck seeds supposed to be fem
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    She is a he she-he he-she shhheee nope she’s a he. Meet almost fucked my grow.

    I’m thinking he might be a good candidate for a gorilla grow set her and forget her come back in a few months if he’s there if he’s not he’s not 🤷‍♂️
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    She is a he she-he he-she shhheee nope she’s a he. Meet almost fucked my grow.

    Not quite sure yet I don’t want to destroy it but don’t need the seeds. Suggest?
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    She is a he she-he he-she shhheee nope she’s a he. Meet almost fucked my grow.

    Caught this bastard just in time it’s been about two days since I’ve checked up on everything to find that my beautiful little girl has morphed into some thing like the movie dren. Watch it DREN decent movie. The bottom 4 sacks out of I don’t know a million just dumped. There was no fan so...
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    So as per my light question. This is why.

    Lights are a tricky one but when you found one that works for your needs why change it right?. Oh here my pretty let me savagely melt you with the wrong light. ( okay not that bad). So I quickly took the advice and ordered a timber. Note this light I’m putting up in the photo is the light I’m...
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    When and where I want me a timber hippy. Lmao
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    Hoppers growing cheap😁

    Nice, glad I bought a few blocks for trial purposes. Looks good man!
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    Hoppers growing cheap😁

    Did you start it in hot soil?
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    Week 6 of flower. Still no smell :(

    Been using cal mag? They look great try cal mag do some hw on it. Your a soil grow yeah, what’s your medium? Ppm Ph Feed sch Neuts?
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    Week 6 of flower. Still no smell :(

    Currently growing wedding cake and a strand of ice cream cake the wedding cake didn’t start smelling until fifth week a flower and it smelled funky like there was mold is well I searched everything I even uprooted and took some soil samples didn’t find anything. Kept up with how I’ve been doing...
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    Cypress 4, thoughts? By timber. Nice quality of lighting what I’ve been searching for but Amazon is Amazon.
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    I’m running three they all seem to love the spider farmer, marsh hydro same size plants actually bend to get to the spider farmer. I have a sch something light with reds and blues they like that as well but, Lights what’s your thoughts? What do you use?