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  1. yung buddha

    Oh The Humanity!

    Yeah they're in the ground outside and some have begun to sprout and some are just coming up...and yeah im in the south east...i know it may have been a bit early but i suppose i was ust anxious...but do you think theyll die tonight?????
  2. yung buddha

    Oh The Humanity!

    okay so i planted my garden about a week ago thinking the last of old man's winter's breathe had been felt....but i was wrong DEAD WRONG. Yeah, tonight its going down to 30 around here...bad new bears... i have about 10 sproutlings in the ground...think they're all doomed or can they...
  3. yung buddha

    Massive Amounts of Rain!!!

    Okay...i'd been biding my time waiting to harvest but all of a sudden it just starts raining and wont im like dang i gotta get that stuff...but i didnt until like day 2 of this freakin monsoon...the bud is fine i dried it off and its hanging up with a fan on it now but...did the...
  4. yung buddha

    grease the scissors??

    okay my product is very sticky and very icky. when i harvest next week i should i like grease up the scissors i use to trim it off? if not what should and use and in what manor in order to avoid losin all of that life giving oil??
  5. yung buddha

    Male Pollen

    thc content of pollen? ive heard that the if bees use weed's pollen they can making honey that stones you
  6. yung buddha

    stealth drying

    yeah man humidity is the biggest thing to me too...i was thinking about the crawl space at my house for like just like 5 or 6 days and then finishing the job with dry ice...not a purfect plan but i dont know if i could have that smelly stuff there for more than a few days...howd did it work out...
  7. yung buddha

    stealth drying

    right right...back to the task at hand...the stealth drying that currently dealing with the same issue and im not going to lie i dont trust the dry box thing...something tells me i probly couldnt contruct one that wouldnt turn into mold city you know? but dude check it out me and my...
  8. yung buddha

    SENS1MILLA's first grow

    tell me about youre there potting soil under that mulch? is that in a clearing? what are youre plans for drying this guerilla in a similar spot as you with my grow and i'd be interested to see how you finish that product.
  9. yung buddha

    stealth drying

    dude. you have 200 should take this seeds from this grow and turn into a regular johnny weedseed!
  10. yung buddha

    stealth drying

    its not just "to get high" dude...if that's all weed is to you maybe you shouldn't be in the movement...
  11. yung buddha

    Exiled male

    Okay so i had this big *** plant and i was sure it was a female then low and behold it forms pods and now i lost it...soooo what im wondering is how far away a male plant has to be in order for it to impregnate a female with its deadly pollen... you know?? so what im gonna do is stick the male...
  12. yung buddha

    Two plant problems...

    I have an eight foot high plant with dried out "ciggarette burn" mark areas on alot of the leaves:confused: this bugs or what and what can i do??? I have another plant that is like purple with jagged dagger like curved leaves:eek: that a natural characteristic or some sort of...
  13. yung buddha

    Define S.O.G and it's benefits

    yo i just want to know about SOG for future plan(t)s.
  14. yung buddha


    hey im all with you...growing for like creating christmas...and santa is weed...buying weed sucks...thugs and buttheads just dish out crappy polinated female shwag with seeds in it and pull bullcrap like that...growing gives power to the enlightened ones...not the greedy ruffian...cops...
  15. yung buddha

    Question On Nutes For My Flowering Girls

    yung buddha says dat unless you want to go organic just give it bloom booster or tomato food both of which are made by miricle gro and can be found at wal-mart. But whatever. the key it LOW NITROGEN HIGH PHOSPHATE AND THROW IN SUM POTASH. face it. the vegetative state is over no more nitrogen.
  16. yung buddha


    Yo sometimes once im sittin' on the soapbox i can't help but stand up and look around if you know what i mean...but I'm probly safe they ain't got nothin' on me bebe! I'm more concerned about a possible male developing...I'll post a picture before i chop it down.
  17. yung buddha


    Yo all I'm sayin' is that you have got to figure there are some pro-legalization folks workin' at the DEA on our side sabotaging the process...what I'm gettin' that is that the gov't makes it seem easier to get nabbed that is in reality but who knows man...
  18. yung buddha


    yo but seriously whats the chances of da fuzz spotting a couple plants in a small plot?? i cant tell if theres a real threat or its just the man propagandizing his one big Rappy Frappy bust every 6 monthes you know? Surely some are DEA double agents working with "the movement"?? yeah??? :hubba: