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  1. Dohc

    Confessions Of A Career Criminal

    Hey GG great stuff!!You are a experianced grower with all the know-how and you tell very good stories.I'm new to both this forum and growing my own weed.Glad to have a "guru" on site!
  2. Dohc

    South African

    Thanks for welcoming.Well i've been reading through the forum to be up to date before i post anything and O MY WORD you grow the best weed i've ever seen!!I wont even mention the few pathetic attemts at growing my own, but after alot of reading i now know all the mistakes i made and be at it...
  3. Dohc

    South African

    Hey, i'm Marco(20) from the western cape in South Africa. Been smoking the green stuff for about 4years now and loving every moment of it!! Best Forum I've seen to date
  4. Dohc

    Super Silver Haze

    Whish my parents was like that!!