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  1. jesuse

    lst grow

    1 square foot floor space 4 ghs girls<>(the doctor,lemonskunk,bigbang,exoduse cheese) doc is in 2ltr pop bottel & 12/12 from seed other 3 got lil lst to stop out growing my hight. 300 watt red cfl, 33% soil 33%perlight 33%verm feeding gently with bio bloom, and its ther 4th week flower...
  2. jesuse

    when choping !

    how do you decide [tirch way you go for] and why? i norm go for mostly milky chaseing that head buzz,,, hows bouts yous?<<>>fill me in yall:hubba:
  3. jesuse

    auto daydream

    littel auto cross i made up few years back, this lil giril is round 6 weeks thik probly other 5-6 weeks on her<<shes realy small as id stunted her with starting in small pot///////had started few but had load of males run out this time////the other gril is round the 2 week mark<<both are under...
  4. jesuse

    transplant in flower??

    my lil crops just hit flower and im thnking mybe geting 2 of them in biger pots<< is this waste of time ?? would it benefit my yeild? ther just in flower!!,,,,eny imfo guys ,girls cheers .[j];)
  5. jesuse

    mold aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    *** !! i had some of my autos down today,,, and ther was this lil fat 1 bout 6" high and 4" wide she was lovely all shades of purp n greens smellt realy welcoming aswell ,,,but i had a fear she may get moldy if i hung her as 1 ,,so i started to trim her in the procses half way up thats wher i...
  6. jesuse

    scrog imfo??

    any1 any imfo on scrog grows?? can i do it with auto?? dose it maxmisze yeild?? any good reg strains recomended for doing it with??pot size?.....peace all [j];)
  7. jesuse

    black auto??

    this a lil pic of 1 of my auto crosses im doing right now its nearing the end,,,and is starting to go blacky purp:hubba: im chuffed at this as iv never seen it in any auto b4,,,,it smells so sweet realy pongy roten frute,,,,iv yet to give it a name mybe some of you troops could throw sum at...
  8. jesuse

    pc fan????

    hey peeps iv got myself a small pc fan >>>im just wondering are these safe to run for long times??....its riged up to a 9volt bat charger ....and i find the charger seems to heat up????peace[j]
  9. jesuse

    auto cross pic

    2ltr soda bottel,,,, this my auto cross of lowryder2 and an un knowing auto ,,,its around week 5 and smelling so good,,,,iv never growin in a soda bottel b4 ,,,,may be good for my small space as i recon i could fit bout 20 in ther,,, iv found it good so far...peace[j]
  10. jesuse

    could they make it??

    thes 4 lil ladies have been neglected,,,and im thinking stunted cause they wher kept in small pots they bout 4week old,,, wot im wondering is ther any point in repoting thes to biger pots or mybe stick them outside some wher ,,,,do you think they could still produce some smoke or would i be...
  11. jesuse

    will this decrease potency

    im in my last 2 weeks of flowering this nl,,,, from the start of flower i gave to much feed and lots of leaves browning,,,,im wondering should i chop it early [now] or will it be cool to let go the other 2 weeks,,,,,i feel its realy starting to brown all over will it afect potency...
  12. jesuse

    auto jungel

    :holysheep: they are all turning fem:D out of 10 i started 10 are fem great stuff,,,these are just reg autos iv crossed myself ,,,,im not complaning but i hadent planed for 10 out of the 10 to be fem thers 8 at bout 3 week and 2 on ther 5th ,,,,my space is small and im only useing 300watt...
  13. jesuse

    nl ,,,lst pic

    this lil ladie has been threw it,,, iv gave major nute burn to her[far to much feed] shes is comeing down in next couple of weeks been growing under 300watt cfl,,,,hardly any smell from her ,,, nl would be grate for stelf for that reson[no wiff in the air] ...///peace all [j]
  14. jesuse

    2nd space

    hapnan troop!! this my lil second space iv on the go,,,,its just big tub with 125 blue cfl runing 24 hrs ,,,my plan is to be starting my autos hear and once they sex take the fems to my [small] flower room[1st space] and im gona put some out doors aswell,,, so far so good i tested it out with 3...
  15. jesuse

    my auto cross 5th week

    hear she is 5 wk i rekon 5wk mybe 4 left the dadie was a lowryder and the momie was a white dewarf the mother was grown in the very same pot she in now started her in a 6inch pot and trasplanted week or so ago /shes been growing under 125red cfl with 2 other autos but since yesday she is under a...
  16. jesuse

    grow at 45/

    wot it is iv got a plant i plan taking 6 cuts from then im gona flower it my problem is it will out grow my space so i thout i may suspend it and tillt on it side at a 45/ angel my only thout on problems i may have is watering cause this means the pot will be tillted on its side to has anyone...
  17. jesuse


    when growing hydro do you have the pump on 24/7?? im thinking of trying hydro and this is something im un sure of,/ peace thanx
  18. jesuse

    lst mother???

    hapnan troops iv got a mother going at the moment and was wanting to bend and tie down is this a bad idea i relise this will be puting stress on her but it wont hermie or **** will it?
  19. jesuse

    fem beans giong male

    hapnan troops im groweing nirvana fem[not] northern lights i had 3 and 2 so far have been male 1 still to show any one out ther ever have this hapen iv also got 3 lii autos on the go aswell wich luckly turnd out to be female
  20. jesuse


    any one ever did outdoos in scotland and if so how was your results./ peace