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  1. SNWbunie27

    Hps lighting info needed !!!

    OK yall I have a closet measuring around 32-25-60 it's a closet lol measurements in inches. So here's my deal.. I already have a 150 hps light going for my critical Jack Herer fem plant from seed. I'M gonna buy another 150 to throw in there. My question is Will my linens per square foot meet...
  2. SNWbunie27

    MS.Bunnies indoor surprise!

    OK guys thanks to The Hemp Goddess I've finally figured out how to post lol thank u love I know I haven't been here in a while since my first harvest I've been very busy school license getting for my nail technician license all Lind's of cool atuff. But I'M back and better then before!! Kinda...
  3. SNWbunie27

    NEW NEW grow going on mystery bags

    Ok so im first of all a first time grower and honestly doing pretty well. 5.5 weeks old since germination from seed in soil to now has been fast and crazy lol. So shes under a 125 watt BIG *** CfL, in a 4 gallon tub, and not a worry in the world besides i thinknive got fungus gnats. I got a...