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  1. bigsur51

    Help! Sick Plant! Any hope?

    can I take a clone and save it?
  2. bigsur51

    Harvest Cleanup , Not Glamorous

    As the Title suggests , cleaning up the ganja garden is not so glamorous washing out pots and containers , discarding stems and stalks , soil recycling , processing all the leftovers , the list goes on no sooner are we finishing up the 2020 harvest and I am already thinkin and planning the...
  3. bigsur51

    Plant Growth Regulators

    Anyone out there using any PGR’s and if so , how is it going?
  4. bigsur51


    Hola. Say , where might I find the TOU? Thanks big
  5. bigsur51

    Good Morning

    Hola! Thanks for the invitation. im going to look around and check things out i am looking forward to meeting some new folks and i am always looking for ways to improve my garden. once again , thanks for having me. cheers big