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  1. kletus

    Yeah I don't know

    Any clue? I know there is probably 100 different things. The leaves look ok but the stems are a purplish color
  2. kletus

    My new hobby

    Figured I would put up my grow journal to get opinions on everything. My veg room, where the mothers love. It's 5 X 8 (I think). 4 plants in a DWC setup. Inroom a/c keeps it about 79* @48%. Just put up the t5 lights and man did they take off. They love these
  3. kletus

    1000w hps

    I'm looking to buy new bulbs since I have no idea how old or brand the bulbs I have are(came with the fixture). Are there better/worse bulbs or are they all about the same? All I know is there is one for veg and one for flower
  4. kletus

    Noob to all this

    New to the whole growing experience but willing to learn. Just thought I'd stop in and say hi