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  1. Old Hippie

    Old Hippie's Outdoor Monsters 08

    :)Just wanted to remember :)
  2. Old Hippie

    Old Hippies 2011 MONSTERS

    Hey Guys and gals! Been awhile, hey heres a few pics of my girls this year.:)
  3. Old Hippie

    Old Hippie's Outdoor Monsters 08

    :welcome: Hello People! Its me Old Hippie back with another bunch of big girls to show ya. This year ive got more plants growin. ran out of last years grow too dang early, so this year a few more plants LOL.Started them in late march indoors, after germanation planted in MG soil, watering with...
  4. Old Hippie

    Old Hippies New Grow

    OK boys and girls here we go agian with pic of this years grow.
  5. Old Hippie

    Old Hippies New Grow 2006

    Hey ya'll, i'm gonna try to jounal my grow i had this year its still growin but buds are being cut as they rippen and then dryed and cured. I stated in april indoor with germination of seeds by putting them in to damp papper towel, then in a zip lock bag. I put them on the top of my computer...
  6. Old Hippie

    My baby girls Pics

    some pics of my plant (outdoor grower)
  7. Old Hippie

    Hello from an Old Hippie

    Was up Ya'll, bout to start havesting and wanted to find a place to learn a few more thing about when peek ripness happens outdoors. anyway I live in north alabama and have 4 tall and 2 short outdoor Female plants and there lookin GOOD! Peace out