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    What Would You Do?

    someone has offered me $350 a month plus 40% of the harvest to grow weed for him he will supply the lights and materials plus we both have clones to start it up. he wants to build a 5x10 closet in my loft that has 12 ft high celings and put in 2- 600 watt hps lights what would you do???
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    how to save a hermie

    my 2 biggest plants are turning hermie and tearing them out is not a option. please what can i do to save these plants ?
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    august rush

    any one see the movie august rush ?(a must see for music lovers) and how he played the guitar? then check out this guy i saw it last year but it still blows me away everytime.[ not sure if i can post a link to another site so type http:uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddn4MGaS3N4[/url] into your...
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    Why Do You Love Weed?

    i do cause its been the 1 thing i can count on in life to help me out when in a tough spot. awise man once said to me that weed will take you alot farther in times of no money than money will in times of no weed
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    please read

    hey guys im not new but i feel there are a few here who dont really know me. im harvester i have a verry strong personality alot of confidence and belief in myself. i sometimes read too much into things mabey because i was allway in advanced classes all through school so i was trained to...
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    day 12 of flower and there are little budlets everywhere pics in a week or so
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    Marlboro Phenos

    ive been a marlboro smoker for 20 yrs now and latey there has been some weird **** with them like 2 packs taste totally different for some reason lately and some times they just burn down in a min or less while others take forever going out and what not. so i was thinking there must be a couple...
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    clones from a plant in flower

    how long into flower period can you safely take clones???
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    help with pests please help

    ok here it is ive never seen a roach in my grow area ive seen them in the kitchen but today i found a baby cockroach sitting on one of my budlets i got it off (they are fast) and havent seen others but if there is one then there is a million. will they eat my plant ? and how can i safely get rid...
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    what are the ingrediants for headband>?
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    important question

    is superthrive and miricale grow quick start the same basic thing?
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    its offical

    its official i am the extreamly proud pappa of 7 beautifull girls
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    how dose the whole rep thing work beyond thanking and getting thanked? like how many reppoints to get to next level etc????
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    split steam

    hey guys when i was lst ing my plants i noticed that the steam was splitting right at the point it makes a v with the main steam ill try to get a pic but it may be a couple a days. any way i untied the branch and wrapped up the wound in a bread bag tie then a small piece of duct tape wrapped...
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    1st day of 12/12 is complete im verry exicited did a little lst hooked up the 2nd 400 watt hps set the timer im verry exicited heres some pics for ya's the lights are hung level with the bulbs exactaly 4 feet apart how's this sound/look?
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    got a cO2 tank for my girls but im not sure how to hook it up and i dont wanna blow my house up can someone with expwerience help???
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    some say pruning is bad but i believe if your carefull then you dont harm your plant and provide better airflow and better light to the smaler branches. any input ?
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    5 best songs when stoned

    1.comfortably numb-pink floyd 2. when the leve breaks-led zepplin.3. welcome home sanitarium-metallica 4.the voice-celtic woman. 5. strawberry feilds-beatles:D :cool: :ignore:
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    tv commerical song

    what is your fav. song from a tv commerical? i like the new heinikin with the robot dancer "innovative draft keg"
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    tallest is...

    hey group my tallest is 27 inches then 23 then the rest around 20-. i was gonna turn back the light to 12/12 on mon.but im waiting for my 2nd 400 watt hps to arrive. should be today. celings are 10 feet high . space is not a problem. how big do you think they will grow ? i apreicate your input