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  1. smokey

    AeroFlo setup needs help for my ladies thrive PLEASE!!!

    I'm no Pro. But your plants look pretty good to me. If you have 50 and most look good. Reason should tell you that you probably doing good and those plants are either the weeks ones or their just really picky. If I were going to change anything at all I would move the light up about 5" and cut...
  2. smokey

    started flowering on jan 17th

    Your plants only have 3 fingers per leaf? What’s the deal with that? I was talking to someone and they told me something I thought was bullshit. Well my plants have like 9fingers and no reason and come to think it I have never seen a plant with that much reason on the leaves at any size...
  3. smokey

    Home Grown Hydro

    It's a drip/DWC. I hope that that tub is big e-nuff, it’s 25 gal. Also the quote you used was talking about some clones. The clones ended up dieing.
  4. smokey

    Home Grown Hydro

    some new pics to look. Start of week4.
  5. smokey

    First Try

    All in all they dont look that bad. I think you have mutipall over dosess from your grow jusice. make shere you flush really good. Why cant' you speorate the plant?
  6. smokey

    Iron With No Nitrogen

    Well for anyone who ever gets an Iron Deficiency adding iron in the form of chelated iron or ferrous iron sulfate will fix the problem. Immediate results may be obtained by spraying with ferrous sulfate or chelated iron (spray at rates recommended on containers for both materials). However, this...
  7. smokey

    Iron With No Nitrogen

    So this is my delimma. i need to get iron in my plants without adding more nitrogen. They are on the verge of a nitrogen overdose, they're not there yet but if i add anymore grow nutrient which has iron it will have too much nitrogen. what to do? what to do?
  8. smokey


    I have a bloom nute call SupperBloom NPK=12-55-10. It said it was watersolubal but dose not say anythig about hydro use. i am going to be budding soon and want to know if anyone knows if this is ok to use.
  9. smokey

    lowrider HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Well you need to bring the ph back up. Even if it is hard to keep it there try. It is the Key to good Plant growth, size, and yield. What dose your reservoir look like? If it is building mold or any kind of bacteria, that will throw it off. Plus light and heat will break the nutes down changing...
  10. smokey

    Here we go...

    Mutt if you are still looking to make your own hydro setup. Here are some pics of mine. Might give you some ideas.
  11. smokey


    Mutt I use it on every one of my plants and it has nothing but good things. There are some chemicals they put in there and don’t tell you what it is, or so I have been told. On there web site it list everything they put in it. I have been smoking my last plant which was grown with supper thrive...
  12. smokey

    Mag. deficiency, over fert, or too small pots?

    Miracle grow soil is the first problem. I made the same mistake and you don’t know until someone tells you. But the soil has time-release nutrients. So every time you water an unspecified amount of nutrients are getting into your plant. The reason PH is so important is because one the MJ plant...
  13. smokey

    don't know how I'm doing

    You Should be able to go to a garden store( Callaways, Homedepot, Your local hydro store) and buy a kit with tester and PH up and down. Should be kind of cheap. There is household stuff you can use to adjust the ph but I am not fimalmilar with all of them, white vinegar should lower and...
  14. smokey

    Here we go...

    You can go to home depot and buy a small water pump for about $10-$15, some soft rubber tubing and clamps to fit run about $5, an irrigation head with x-number outlets you need(comes with fittings) $2-$8. Wally-World has air stones, air pump, air hose $10. Air hose is soft and flexible so it...
  15. smokey

    Home Grown Hydro

    I have a 48w floro grow light i will switch it over to, ty. Just was not sure which was better. How do you find out about witch strands clone, if you can? I am more then confident that it is a sativa b/c i got it out of some mexican weed.
  16. smokey

    Home Grown Hydro

    There seeds out of a bag I had. But they look great. Mostly to the 400w HPS wow that helps, the ph is 5.5-6.0 it is a little heard to tell if it's right on but I know I am between the 2 and the temp stays around 75-85. My room is next to the water hearter so when everyone is using the hot water...
  17. smokey

    Home Grown Hydro

    Well just wanted to show you guys my little babys they are 3 week old. i could not want more out of my 2nd grow.
  18. smokey

    Just some random questions. Take your time.

    Thats right. But you wont need to do it to the Mineral water. It is allready balance. Thats the part where the (..........) is at.
  19. smokey

    anyone kno miricle grow ?

    Just while everyone is talking about nutrients any thoughts on SupperBlom? Just curious.:)
  20. smokey

    Just some random questions. Take your time.

    ThriveAlive or supperthrive will help relieve some of the transplant shock, also Mineral water will work great and plants love the CO2 directly on the root. It will loosen up the soil and roots. you wont need to ph balance the water just poor it on them. i have 3 3week old plants in my closet i...