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  1. Cannagrammy

    New to growing, 2 plants

    Thanks. This is actually my first outdoor grow.
  2. Cannagrammy

    New to growing, 2 plants

    @ROSTERMAN this is the picture I tried sending you. I downsized it.
  3. Cannagrammy

    New to growing, 2 plants

    You're very welcome and yes, a lot of changes but I expected the flowering to begin so that's why I did it. My plants seem happy and no deficiencies, except the one that keeps having pH fluctuations. I actually think I have watered that one too much, oops. Lol These plants finally made it...
  4. Cannagrammy

    Beginer needs help

    Do you have a dehumidifier? To dry, I try for 60 degrees and 45-50% humidity. I also don't give them a last drink. I want the dry to be slow, otherwise I've noticed harsher smoke. I dry until branches snap. I also do a bud wash before the drying process, the taste is magnified and I...
  5. Cannagrammy

    New Member from IL

    I got banned there for coming here. And no, @Bugus_Monkey , I was just kidding. I just got chills when I saw your avatar. Welcome! I can't wait to get to know you.
  6. Cannagrammy

    New Member from IL

    I don't remember much about here, but your avatar is scary to me! Lol, jk jk Welcome
  7. Cannagrammy

    From Sweden with love (and weed)

    I'm interested also. Why grow if you can't partake?
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    Your gonna need to add batteries too, I think. Air conditioners use a LOT of electricity and most are needed even after the collectors stop collecting, especially in the summer. I have 12 - 300 watt collectors, 2 - 5000 watt inverters and a ton of batteries and I still had to limit the use of...
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    Me too!
  10. Cannagrammy

    New to growing, 2 plants

    I also used the langbeinite but instead of bone meal I used bird guano. I top dressed about 3 weeks ago. I unfortunately have no idea how long either take to become available to plants in soil, so I can't really help you, sorry.
  11. Cannagrammy

    Bud rot?

    You need one of these, I think they come bigger.
  12. Cannagrammy

    New Grow (2 photos+3Autos)

    No, and when you told me that I had to ask my hubby about it. I'm sure if we ever have a leak anywhere down that run, I'll probably find it, lol
  13. Cannagrammy

    Plants turning cllor

    Are you pHing the water and or nutrients you are giving the plant? If so, what pH is your target? Also, do you know the pH of the rhizosphere? I'm truly thinking your pH is creating a locking out situation.
  14. Cannagrammy

    New Grow (2 photos+3Autos)

    Awwww, is that insecurity or jealousy talking? Lol, jk jk! @bigsur51 , lovely buds!
  15. Cannagrammy

    Does water temp matter that much?

    The temperature isn't as much of an issue as the fact that when water gets higher in temperature, it holds much less oxygen. I've seen a few growers compensate for higher temps with more oxygen, but that can be a catch 22 if you use pumps and are in the grow space, they can create heat and the...
  16. Cannagrammy

    Beginners follow this to the letter and youll have few to no issues

    Well, I think everyone knows YOU are, lol Jk jk, hugs!
  17. Cannagrammy

    Purple Roc V1 is greasy nasty

    Seriously? I'm having a very hard time believing there's anything that strong out there, lol, but I've been taking meds that create quite a high tolerance.
  18. Cannagrammy

    Purple Roc V1 is greasy nasty

    Looks dank as shit!
  19. Cannagrammy

    LST and HST advice

    Holy Moly! Those are gorgeous! You got tell us what the smoke is like, please.
  20. Cannagrammy

    Autos as strong as indicas?

    Can you find a good indica with high CBD and some THC? Do you abide by what's legal, if not I've got some suggestions.