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    moving out soon

    my plant is now about a foot and a half and is making good progress. The problem is I am moving out of this place in June, and just wanted to know if I should be ok. Do you guys think it will have budded by then. It is about a month in a half into the process.
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    My plant is about a foot and a half now. When is it cool for me to start any kind of cloning process, and what is the best way to go about doing it?
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    male or female

    My plant is now in the flowering stage is about a foot and a half. How can I tell if it is a male or female? The flowering stage has been going on for about 5 days now, so how much longer will it be until I see any kind of budding going on?
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    I have 2 plants now that are about 5 in. each. One has like 8 leaves and the other has two that are turning yellow and 2 new ones that are coming in. I wanted to know if I should put soil up to the first set of leaves. Also would it be good to have an oscillating fan bringing in air from outside?
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    leaves turning yellow and not growing??

    the only 2 leaves on the one plant are starting to turn yellow. It has been at the same length and has not many any signs of growing in about 2 weeks. Is there anything that can be done before it dies.
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    not seeing any results??

    I have had a 2 plants growing under 2 flourescent tubes. They just started to grow, and one is about 5 in. and the other is about the same but is growing sideways. The one that is straight up has been at the same length for a few days now and not really doing anything. The one that is sideways...
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    is this safe

    someone told me it was good for a plant to have weed smoked by this true???
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    Ferts question

    OK, so i just got back from buying some root hormone and fert from wal-mart. I wasn't exactly sure what to buy so i just got a couple things. I couldn't find anything that said "root compound" or "root hormone" so i bought some transplanting solution that promotes new roots. I also got some...
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    i have a nice vaporizer....would it be benificial for it to be in the grow room during the early stages? i also have a plant that is fallen over that is touching the soil....could i pretty much assume this will dies or what can be done to prevent that from happening?
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    how much should i water it while it is just sprouting? one of the plants also is ir real weak and is swaying down real bad. is there anything i can do to stop that from happening? Any other general info u have would be great?
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    anyone able to give me some tips

    I am a new grower and would really like some tips on growing. I have 4 plants under 4 flourescents. i have 2 fans and am using miracle grow soil. if possible i would like to know the basics on caring for my plants.