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  1. kytsam

    Think Different, L.A Diva, Wappa!

    Hello people thought id come back with another new grow:hubba: !! Currently My setup is: 2 x 600 w HPS Feed, Bio grow, Bio Bloom,Bio heaven, Alg-a-Mic, Big Bud. 22 Plant's! 7 in 20 litre pot's! - Strain - Think Different, Dutch Passion. 10 in 10 litre pot's! - Strain - Auto Wappa...
  2. kytsam

    New Grow Afghan Kush,Whiteberry!

    Hey All, new grow comeing have got my seeds and i have currently got 7 afghan kush and 1 northern light's "autoflowering" germinating. The whiteberry and 1 Ice,1 Special Queen & Blue mistic, will be germinateing them in 2 weeks as i'm waiting to get my new 250 hps & tent for vegging these bad...
  3. kytsam

    II Diavolo & La Diva + More!

    :smoke1: Ok guy's i will be starting a new grow tomorrow and will give pics when they sprout in the propagator and i will be growing. (Brand Delicious Seeds) II Diavolo x 5 La Diva x 5 (Free Seeds) Dinafem Seeds Blue Widow x 2 Dinafem Fruit Automatic x 2 World of Seeds Afghan Kush...
  4. kytsam

    Auto AK47 x Lowryder 2

    Hey guy's and girl's... thought i would start a grow journal none of you will no me as i am new to the site. But i would like to show use my grow's from now till harvest and plenty more to go unfortunely this isnt from seed, Plant's are around about 19 day's old from potting or 23 day's old...
  5. kytsam

    help please!

    Hey anybody, everybody... just a question i have been running a 600 w hps on my plants for awhile now and always wanted to get those lower nugs bigger and thought why not add a cfl as the side lighting... my question is. Can you put a HPS+CFL in the same grow room im just parnoid and would...