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    Bad numbers

    Nothing wrong with those ladies. Don't concern yourself with the numbers of the runoff. Especially if you are growing Organic.
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    New to the group

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    Hey, how goes it?

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    Never growing my own plant

    That is why they are tall. Not even close to enough light.
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    48hrs of darkness before harvest

    Save yourself 2 wasted days and just harvest. Just an old wives tale.
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    Cloning question

    I put my cloned under a small simple CFL. And the light is high up off them. I have found that less light will get quicker roots.
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    Bubbletrouble here

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    Hello everyone I hope all is well.

    Welcome back. Green Mojo.
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    Another Newbie

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    white widow

    Watch that humidity. It is pretty high. When I grow in the Summer I often get bud rot from the humidity.
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    Hello...thanks for including me in the group

    I would go with 24 on Zero off over 16. It will go back to a vegetative state but you will most likely get some weird new growth, like one leaf leaves. Pretty sure the seeds will not finish though if you switch.
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    Found My Way Back

    Welcome back.
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    High Everybody

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