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    Harvest time

    I think it is time to harvest my crop. All of the pistils have turned light brown but none of the trichs on the leaves or stems. pistils are cloudy brown I would say. I am computer illiterate and can't get pics up(But would like know how) so I was wondering if anyone had any pics of a mature...
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    super thrive

    has any one else ever used Super Thrive on their plants? I know it works wonders on everything else. It isnt fertilizer it is vitamins and hormones and other bio usables. I want to use it but am nervous because I am flowering and dont want to take any unnessacary risks. It also says it is...
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    Canoe Leaves?

    I remember reading on this site, something about Canoe Shaped, or cup shaped leaves. I remember it was a symptom of something. Can anyone help me out. Im in week 2 of flowering and I ended up with three out of four females for sure. I am so exited this is my first grow and every little thing...
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    A sexy question

    white hairs mean females correct? About how much time do you have to get rid of the males? should I turn my fan off so i dont spread pollen? it is an open grow so ventilation isnt a problem. Can you make hash out of males? of course it is my biggest bushiest most beautiful plant that I...
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    Light switch over

    I have been veging my plants on 24 hour light for 2 months and training them low. They are bushy and absolutly reak even though they have no buds. I want to switch to flowering light 12/12. My question is: should I just switch over, or gradually ween them down and in what incriments...
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    I just found something

    On the box my 400w HPS light says that the glass cover disperses light better. I took it off originaly because I figured it would be better. Has any one else grown with a driveway style HPS flood light? The plants are doing fine I just wonder if I should have left the glass plate on? Does...
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    pruning questions

    when should you start to prune off leaves ive got some 7 inch ladies ( I hope!) they are getting pretty tall should i pinch back leaves or or just let them grow free? I need low bushy plants due to my grow box. They are a 3 foot strain 3 weeks into veg! I appreiciate any help thank you
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    fertilizer Qs

    Ive got some 20-20-20 fertilizer, how often should I water with it at full strength? also i had hoped to use it for flower and veg. How often should I flush them out, Let me know what you think?
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    hash from trash?

    I know you can make hash from the trim/ sticks and leaves. What if I saved all of my dried out sticks from my weed bags and grounded them up in the same manner you do when you make hash, over a silk screen. would it yeild any resin, or are they all dried out. If so I might have to start saveing...
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    switch over size

    is it true that plants double in size in the flowering stage? Should I switch over to flowering light when they are half way up my grow box? Also how close to a 400 watt hps can plants get W/o damage?
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    I am germinating a seed in a glass of water. all my other seeds only took 2 or 3 days to split. this one is on day 7 and no split is this normal or should I start a new seed? it is from some really great weed and dont want to give up but dont want to lose time. thank you!
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    indica indoors

    I ve got a fast and heavy strain of indica "fat bastard" 4 plants about how much light do you think i need do you think i can get away with using flouresant gro lux or should i use HPS. growing in hot attic!