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    Cannabis Vodka

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    DEA to halt medical marijuana raids

    hxxp:// Holder confirms states to have final say on use of drug for pain control Medical marijuana advocates and users confront Los Angeles police during a Drug Enforcement Administration raid of a medicial marijuana dispensary on July 25, 2007. By Alex...
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    Obama Open To Limited Legalization

    hxxp:// Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2007 9:33 AM by Domenico Montanaro From NBC/NJ’s Aswini Anburajan OBAMA WEEKEND CAMPAIGN NOTEBOOK AUDUBON, IA -- Obama can't seem to escape the smoke of his youthful indiscretions wafting...
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    Past Hermie growers

    ok so i decided to carry on my 2nd grow after 1 of them turned hermies, once i weeded out 8 males out of 13 plants that were on veg for a month i replanted 8 more to take the place of the guys so i had 2 stages of growing in the samer light cycle (12/12). so when one of them turned hermie it...
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    Home remedy for PH down

    Hello Everyone, i was surprised to put PH on the search engine and nothing came up, but i was looking for a quick home remedy to bring my ph level down it is almost at 8, any one got any suggestions? thanks in advance..:aok:
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    Cannabis Vodka

    found this on some site and found interesting to try out, thought i'd share.. have fun:aok: Ingredients: 1/4 oz. of stockpiled cannabis stems from breaking up buds. Vodka (any kind should do) Glass container Place all stockpiled stems in a jar. Pour in your vodka, just enough to fully...
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    Stealth grow Cab Phase I

    Here are some pics from my cameraphone, i know they sucked but i was overwhelmed with the finished product. I just moved to an aprtment from a house and was told there was a yearly inspection coming up, i shouldve known better to move in a college apartment. LOL..but i had to hurry and finish...
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    Solar panel inside grow cab?????

    Im curious to use a solar panel water fountain for a hydro setup, i found a submersible pump setup for a fountain with an attached solar panel that works when theres sun, im guessing the solar panel will still work in a sense, does anyone know of this being done before? If it does that will be...
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    Soil Test Kits CHEAP!!

    Hey i found this while surfing the web, i havent ordered 1 yet but will be shortly, heres the info and link: Soil Test Kits The budding home scientist and horticulturist will both delight in the ease with which this self contained soil test kit brings discovery. The kit measures not only ph...
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    Mites or scales?

    i just found some little specs on some of my leaves and im not sure what to make out of it. Unfortunately i only have a camera phone and it doesnt zoom in good enough to show. this specs are about 4 times bigger than a spider mite at least the ones i had last year, they almost look like a grain...
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    Bottled Spring water

    i cant find any pH levels on the water at my supermarket so i went and bought natural spring water from Crystal company, im curious if anyone else is using this type of water and if anyone know their ph level? Thanks in advance... :aok:
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    Math question for the big boys..

    i planted my my 2nd grow early January outside in peat pots and some are already flowering at 2 inches tall!!:) now they are coming in to the new box i built with a 100W HPS and 4- 120 w CFLS my cabinet is going to have its own ventilation separate from the light box since there will be a glass...
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    CPU power supply VS 250 W HPS?

    I just recently upgraded my computer with with an 800 watt power supply so i can run my Gaming video cards, then i started thinking CRAP!! is this thin really running @ 800 watts?? my computer is constantly on during the day and for most of the week and was wondering if this is really pulling...
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    New problem, SCALES!!

    so last night i was picking some dried leaves with the microscope light and noticed some ants going up one of my branches, i went in for a closer look and followed their path till i noticed they all stoped around this certain bump on the stem, it looked the same color as the plant except for a...
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    My Pepsi Dome Clone experiment

    :D ok, icut the top of a 2 ltr. pepsi bottle and the bottom part . i then filled the bottom halfway with Perlite and and water. I then cut a lower branch of my flowering plant, dipped it inside the water and cut another part of it under the water. i then took the top, cut a slit in it and put...
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    Indoor growers in general

    Been trying to find a percentage of indoor growers of any kind in the US, as many hydro shops as i see in some places it cant only be the MJ growers that are paying this guys bills, any one have any info on this?.. thanks..
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    Once again the yellowing leaves!

    :o Ok thanks to all the suggestions on mites, so far it seems that they are under control, plants have been getting rain every day for a week now, but this 1 plant still has yellowing leaves, I bought thoe only plant food they had in Home Depotthat had this ratio: 8-14-9 its made by schultz...
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    No more Microscopes @ Radio Shack

    i just went today to the lcal Radio Shack and i asked the manager for the little microscope withthe light and he said they didnt carry thosem so i looked at the guy and asked if he was sure, i bought one here before and know of other people who have specifically come to RS for this item and...
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    Can a FULL moon make a hermi?

    i just went outside to smoke a cig and look at my ladies and DAMN!! the full moon was bright!!:holysheep: bright enuff to cast a very detailed shadow on the ground, the moon was right on top of them, almost looked like it was keeping an eye on the [email protected]! LOL.. but would that much moon...