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    Can we get a search bar?

    There is one. Up above between "Today's Posts" and "Quick Links".... click on the arrow and you'll see the search box.
  2. OldHippieChick

    autos and pot size

    Good luck with the auto grow. I use the tree pots. hXXp:// I think mine are around 3 gallons and about 18" tall but no bigger around than the one gallons so I can cram 10 under a 8 tube T5 till they show sex. Then I pluck the males around 2-3 weeks and the...
  3. OldHippieChick

    itsy bitsy tiny flys

    I use DE outside and around the back door. Inside, I just leave a few inches of crappy red wine in an open bottle in the grow area. So far it's worked for me.
  4. OldHippieChick

    I'm back.......

    How ya doin' lil mama :)? I knew that was it. There was something in your last post that told me it was for the kids. GOOD for you. I knew it was more important than a garden in the back yard. Very happy you're living your bliss.
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    I do mine similar to Hammy but here's my only twist. Instead of a 24 hr soak I let em stay in water for two or three days in a dark cubby. I don't believe what others have said about them drowning. ALL mine end up with a tap root within the three days and less than .4 percent fail to sprout...
  6. OldHippieChick

    okie from muscogee

    hahaha welcome to my world. Everyone should have an auto. It's like having a toy dog. :welcome:
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    Need auto help

    junior I am a lazy *** grower so don't think I'm trying to teach ya anything. There is a forum for auto growers out there. Do a search if you're a serious auto novice who wants to get into it. But the answer to your question is I grow mine under the T5s with a mix of grow and bloom lights - 4 of...
  8. OldHippieChick

    Need auto help

    I run mine 24/7 just because I'm lazy. I've read on a auto forum that this is not a good practice. Something about it producing more males. But I get 50/50 MF ratio so I just go with whats easiest and chuck some pollen every so so I'm not out so much on seeds. Tasty - sorry to tell ya this but...
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    Beautiful. Got me excited. I ordered some satori seeds last week.
  10. OldHippieChick

    Second Auto Grow

    Wow that sux. Nothing I can say that doesn't sound like a lecture so will just wish you the best and say please learn from this. It's not the end of the world but I bet it makes you wiser.
  11. OldHippieChick

    5 years in Federal Prison for pot???

    Hey Hammy... all is well. Thanks for asking. I moved out of the tent/closet. I'm still doing autos. Got 14 girls just sexed this week. Think I might go larger and lay down some HD's next week so they'll be ready to switch to 12/12 when the autos are done. I agree with BWD, but the mods are in...
  12. OldHippieChick

    5 years in Federal Prison for pot???

    Mandatory minimum for 4 joints is 180 days in Texas. I got a year for a dozen rolled joints with several previous convictions. So I think maybe that boy isn't telling his aunt everything.
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    Second Auto Grow

    freakin awesome !!!! how tall are those girls?
  14. OldHippieChick

    Second Auto Grow

    Glad ya got your scope just in time. Looks nice. Congrats on the grow. I'm starting a new auto AK47 grow. So far 22/24 broke ground since Sunday. Fingers crossed for more girls than I got room for :).
  15. OldHippieChick

    Second Auto Grow

    Looking good. Congrats. Yeah I see some nute burn but there's nothing you can do about it so just relax. Dang, I hope your scope gets here soon.
  16. OldHippieChick

    Irish's Buds...

    Holy Crap Irish.... that BPOTM rocks ! xox OHC
  17. OldHippieChick

    Second Auto Grow

    You most definately will need a scope - you need to order it now. - they don't cost that much on ebay. Amber will give you a couch lock buzz. I prefer milky trichs. My plants seem to be ready around ten weeks from breaking the soil. You can not do this without that scope. I mean you can, but...
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    Second Auto Grow

    Nice. They look happy. Yeah I seem to always have one or two that are behind the others. I no longer pay attention to the weeks or the height - I watch the trichs.
  19. OldHippieChick

    Second Auto Grow

    Auto AK47 is one of my favorites. I've had several grows with them. I like those square rose pots but they don't make drip pans for them so I went back to the round pots... found some tall and narrow 3 gallon tree pots that are my favorite. Your grow looks fine. 20/4 is the minimum I'd do - I...
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    The lil seed casings start to pop open and show the seeds when they are ready. All seeds will not be mature so don't take it as a failure if some look smallish and pale. I tend to take mine out as long as I can stand it until the trichs are mostly amber but not dieing off just so I feel...