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    skeptical directions

    One of my very good friends that grow received 3 seeds. He decided to germinate and start to plant them and said once they were started he'd give me one of them to grow for myself. he wrote down growing directions for me. 7 hours light/17 hours dark until 1 foot tall then 24 hours on. with a...
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    New to here?

    Well, Mike I have to call it like I see it too. <<I dont want a 11 foot tall weed plant, for alot of reason. I would much rather go for 8 plants that are bushy and not so tall.>> <<Like I said I am not into growing little rinky dink shrubs. I want gaint insane jack and the beanstalk plants.>>
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    hash oil

    really? how do u make that?
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    Lava Lamps

    My friend grew with a lava lamp once, didn't work out that great. The bulb would burn the leaves.
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    I have a lot of questions!

    brown weed means its not frigin weed man, or brown could mean its laced but in ur case ur not getting high so i think ur gettin jacked by ur dealers, could i ask, how long have you been smoking and how old are you
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    another large marijuana crop busted

    I would never buy that much weed without trying it first, no matter how dank it looks and smells. Even if I'm buying like a 8th I would like to test it out first, and it's the sign of a good dealer when they let you try it out.
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    wow thanx man, i just might buy that
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    Peace from Portland

    me and my twin brother made this account here to try to get some advice for growing in our closet, were 15 and live in portland oregon
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    hydroponic growing

    is this an easier way of growing? with more yield? im still in the planning stages of my growroom
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    closet growroom help

    thanx for the suggestions but we have a new plan, were going to grow 2 plants in a tank thats 2'x1' inside the 2'x5'x5' closet, just to get the hang of growing and some trial and error methods i have another question tho, if i was to grow 2 plants in a 2'x1' fish tank could i use a small fan...
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    Best state to be a pothead?

    In Oregon possesion is handled much like a traffic ticket, no jail time is given, but I'm not so sure about selling. Here it's more a war against meth instead of marijuana.
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    closet growroom help

    a lil of both, also can someone reccomend me wut kind of soil and how large of pots i should use, i hoping to maybe fit 10 plants in there
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    closet growroom help

    I have a closet that is 2'x5' x5' tall. I have no growing experiance but have done a little bit of research, and im on a very low budget. so can someone please help me out on how to set it up, what lighting to use, wat kind of ventililation system and just general tips for me on growing. any...