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  1. smokey

    Iron With No Nitrogen

    So this is my delimma. i need to get iron in my plants without adding more nitrogen. They are on the verge of a nitrogen overdose, they're not there yet but if i add anymore grow nutrient which has iron it will have too much nitrogen. what to do? what to do?
  2. smokey


    I have a bloom nute call SupperBloom NPK=12-55-10. It said it was watersolubal but dose not say anythig about hydro use. i am going to be budding soon and want to know if anyone knows if this is ok to use.
  3. smokey

    Home Grown Hydro

    Well just wanted to show you guys my little babys they are 3 week old. i could not want more out of my 2nd grow.
  4. smokey

    Good Seed in the U S of A

    So i am trying to find a good place to buy soom seeds. I live hear in texas and i was reading on our forms about getting them but no one ever said where a Good place to go was. SO if anyone can help, Thank you. What about DR. Chonic (I want to try the lowryder out):D
  5. smokey


    Hi, just wanted to introduce my self. i am from tx. i am new to growing, but i am trying. dont realy now how i came upon on this website but i have been looking though the forums hear and it seems you guys know what you are talking about. i posted a question in the indoor growing so if anf one...
  6. smokey

    My Buds are Starting?

    I am New to growing but i did a little homework and i think i have a good start. I have been growing this plant for about 2 mouths or so, i really cant remember exact day. good soil(miracle grow ready mix) in a 2 1/2 gl pot . water out of the faucet i was told two let it set for like two days...