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    Harvest Day ! K2

    Enjoy the fat smoke Diseased Strain, your bud looks real good :D
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    reliable seed seller?

    i always use stealth packaging, fast delivery and a huge choice of seeds :)
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    new chronic on the block

    welcome along mate
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    newbie needs a critique(&maybe a mentor)!

    going to be a nice grow mojomon, ill be watching :)
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    Start Flowering @ 8"-12" ; HOW BIG will plants get?

    They are going to double in size at least ;)
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    Hydro or Soil? Which is best overall?

    soil all the way for all grows :D
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    my grow areas for now

    Looks good adam420 bet of luck with your grow mate :D
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    seed help

    You cannot get feminized ak47 sorry skateNsmoke :(
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    growing lowryder

    How big is your grow space? id whack all 10 seeds under that light :D You could do a scorg to get a better yield :)
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    folage problem

    Its either too much nutes or too much water tallslim.
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    Northern Lights and Purple Power Marijuana Outdoor Grow!

    lookin forward to some pics MarPassion :)
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    Soiled plants in the closet

    lookin good so far joey :D
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    how do i make a jpg. flie smaller

    save it as a jpg in photoshop, and you can downsize the filesize, have it at about 70% quality :D
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    white widow strain

    WW rox really nice herb :D
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    400w HPS light too hot for grow space?

    It looks like nute burn, you been giving your babys too many nutes?
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    co2 Carbon Dioxide

    yeast and water is all you need :)
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    white widow at 3weeks

    nice pics bizzy323 best of luck with your grow :D
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    growing lowyrider

    if you got a nice 400w hps light grow a decent strain like mazar :D:D
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    Samurai Gold

    That stuff looks prime mate :D:D
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    soil fertilizing

    i read not to use mirical gro as it will kill your plants :(