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    2011 Outdoor garden, trying to go large.

    The name should say it all. ;) What I am going to try and accomplish, will be a grow dedicated to hitting the 5 pound mark (Per plant of course). Before this becomes a tinkling match, I am not going to some how magically alter these things... Just going to do my absolute best to provide an...
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    What are everyone plans for this year??

    Just wondering what everyone is planning on for this year, cool strains, big pots, outdoor hydro, greenhouses, what ever... If you are planning something cool and exciting, post it up. I am super excited about this season, for one... It's my second year out of Santa Cruz!! I Cannot even tell...
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    Just a few select beans... Indoor closet, dwc, and t5's.

    Well, where to start this. I have decided to fire up the indoor stuff again, but I have to remodel the grow room first... "yay" :rolleyes: Anyways, while I am waiting on that to happen, I decided to fire the mom closet back up to maybe get a jump on clone production for this years outdoor...
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    Whats up..., whats up.., whats up??

    Ha ha, I am back and with some awesome stories to share. I took a little break from reality, and went on an adventure. Smoked some truly awesome herb, and had a truly epic time. Like all good things, it has come to an end. It is really good to see, so many familiar names still here. It has...
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    Indoor grow, confused on temp and humidity.

    Optimal temp and humidity for an indoor grow. I am searching as well, but the info varies a lot....:confused2: This is a question to my journal as well. Thank you for any help.;)
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    Got three babies. Soil grow.

    WEll, I got some seeds from a great friend of mine. He has been breeding for a while now, and he insisted I try some of his new plants.... I want to do this indoor, but in reality... They will probably end up outside with the rest. I got 75 percent germ, 3 out of 4 seeds. 2 of them seem short...
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    Hey all... My Introduction.

    I live in the great state of California. Unfortunatly, I am going stir crazy and have been looking for ways to pass some time. What better to do, then pound a key board...?? I dont know either.:rolleyes: So, long story short... here I am. Hello.:D