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  1. grama42

    red hairs

    Hello growers i was wondering if any one knows why my WW have red hairs they have a while til harvest:watchplant: :joint:
  2. grama42

    Transplant out door grow to in door grow?

    you won't believe what happen to me:rant: all my green house plants 6 of them can not be grown out side where i live because of the city ordinance even tho there in a green house they must be in a garage thank god i have one i just need info on how i can transplant them out of the ground ?? they...
  3. grama42

    what kind of pant??

    can some one please tell me the best white paint to use for my veg and my flower room:confused: i want to get rid of the foil thanks for your help be safe
  4. grama42

    soil and spider mites??

    hello all you growers out there:confused:i have been fighting my spider mites and am getting them under control. but i just want to know does any one know if i have to get rid of my soil:confused: cause i just pulled one laddie she had some mites when i hung her up side down they all went to the...
  5. grama42

    water or nutes?

    :confused:Hello growers can't find my answer on the forum so i hope some one can help i was wondering if and how much should i mist my plants how offten:confused:i was told to use seaweed but no info on how:o im trying to keep the fans from turning yellow so fast any input is greatly needed...
  6. grama42

    Ant's Ant's Help!!!

    I would like to know if any one has had ant's in there plants? i transplanted my plants and there was like a nest of ant's but my plants are healthy, what can i do to get rid of them?will they hurt the grow:watchplant::confused:have a safe day
  7. grama42

    need some input??seeding

    Hello all you growers out there i would like some info from you nice growers i have tried some seeds w-w and snow-white the snow white is 6 days old and i would like to know should i put them in my veg room:confused:or give them more time in my nursery here are a few pic,of the snow white and...
  8. grama42

    light change??

    hello grower's couldn't find what i was looking for so i hope some one can help me i have started my second grow with the help of my son who build my grow set up its so cool here are a few pics he works for a water bottling co he got the idea from there filter room so my ? is i had my ladies in...
  9. grama42

    water or nute?????

    just want some info on watering :confused:my ladies are 5 weeks in flower should i keep nutes on them or just h2o besafe
  10. grama42

    what is this??????

    :confused: just want to say hello every one and happy new years my ladies are coming along great:banana: :aok: but i notice this on a few of the stem fans it looks like little drops of water but its hard i was just wondering if thats the resin:confused: here is a pic of it my plants are going on...
  11. grama42

    striped purple stem ??

    hello growers can any one tell me if this is normal my ladies have striped purple stems and very bushy they are 6 weeks old and i now have them 12/12 i have pictures here i hope you can see them the yellow light makes it hard to get a good shot grow safe :aok:
  12. grama42

    am i ready to flower?

    please give me your opinion :o are my ladies ready for flowering they have been in veg for 5 weeks and are 19" high here are a few pic and will they grow any taller in flower:confused: be safe grama42
  13. grama42

    part of my lady broke ?

    i was looing at my ladys this morning and i saw that one looked sick i checked her out and she had broken stem so i have no gel and i just put the stem in foxfarm soil:confused: has this happened to any one else:confused: here are a few pic i was going to go into flower next week:doh: be safe...
  14. grama42

    whats the word????????

    can you please give me some info on miracle grow:watchplant: how many of you have used it and got good grow ?how many of you got bad grow? i live up in the mountains and its hard to get to the stores we have an ace hardware and thats all they sell:cry: the fox farm cost so much for shipping...
  15. grama42

    what happened???????????

    :confused: my clone was coming along just fine please help me with this if you can did i over nute? or over water? or is my light to strong? will she make it? i just transplanted her this morning i thought the pot she was in was to big and wet help if you can any info please be safe (it came...
  16. grama42

    what is this?

    :confused::confused:Help can any one tell me what this is for i got this from a friend whos friend is gone and he said its a good light for my grow the bulb is 1000w but i'm not sure how to use this it has a motor:eek: im starting my grow closet i have a lady on 24 now and will be getting 2...
  17. grama42

    how long to veg??

    hello all i got my first clone and i was just wondering how long to keep the lights on?:confused: and when to start the flowering:o i have her under F-40 grow light for now.should i have the fan also?or wait til i start the flowering any input is welcome thanks and have a safe grow grama42
  18. grama42

    Pot Size ?

    :DHello all you grower's would like some feed back:confused: I hear this and hear that about the size of the pot the bigger the pot the bigger the grow I have been a gardener for 40 or more years but this is my first BUD grow.My ladies are doing great I have 2 sizes going and they look good but...
  19. grama42

    should I ???????????

    :cool:Just want to know if i should clip off the fan's when they turn brown? here are a few pic not sure if you can see what i'm talking about:rolleyes:
  20. grama42

    Will I ever know??????????

    :rolleyes:Hello everyone hows it growing?:watchplant:does any one know if i will ever find out what strain my grow is? will i be able to tell when the bud is bigger?:confused2::cry:the white hairs are starting to change color here are a few pic can't really see the color change will post more as...